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Casino slots remain the most popular casino games

By mr-casino on 2017-01-03 09:34:26

A warm welcome to 2017 from your specialist Irish casino portal where it is hoped you can find the online casino that will provide plenty of winnings. There are many online casinos available to Irish players due to a lack of legislation but this will inevitable bring some that are less adequately run or controlled so it is important to make sure that where you are playing your casino games is correctly licensed and operated. The easiest way to do this is to select from the recommended list on this site. Having selected your online casino there is the next question of which casino games to play and here again there is a large choice. Probably the most popular are the casino slots followed by the stalwarts of roulette and blackjack but whereas roulette and blackjack vary little from casino to casino, casino slots provide a wide range of opportunities. Casino slots have come a long way since online casinos were introduced allowing electronics to play a major role. Older readers will no doubt remember the “one armed bandits” which were simple mechanical three reel, one winning line slots with a handle to pull on the side of the machine. The introduction of a button to replace the handle was considered a major initiative. If you miss those days of simple casino slots they are still available at online casinos such as or although they do tend to be 5 reel slots these days.

Casino slots do allow players to win very large amounts of money with small outlays which is something most other casino games do not. For example when playing Blackjack the maximum you can win is 1.50 times your stake so for large wins you need large stakes and similarly with most other card games. Casino slots on the other hand allow the jackpot to be hit with any spin although many of the jackpot slots will require the maximum stake per line to be played to win the maximum jackpot but smaller jackpots are often available for smaller stakes. Most of these jackpot slots have multiple winning lines and although your chances of winning a jackpot are increased by playing the maximum number of lines it is not strictly necessary. The jackpot can equally be won when playing a single winning line although you need to get really lucky in that case. A couple of the most popular jackpot slots are Mega Moolah™ which is a 25 winning line 5 reel slot which carries 4 different progressive jackpots and Mega Fortune™ which is also a 25 winning line casino slot which has three different levels of jackpot. Both of these casino slots are available at Of course not everybody who plays casino slots is playing for these huge jackpots so there are also a number of slots that focus on having fun whilst at the same time of course offering the chance to win some good money.

One of the most amusing casino slots in the opinion of is called Birds on a Wire™ which can be found at and is brought to you by one of the smaller casino software suppliers called Thunderkick . This casino slot does not have reels in the conventional sense but has fifteen independent symbols which enables one of the key features of win multiplier to work. As you might guess from the title the symbols feature birds but not real birds or anything resembling real birds as some of them are so overweight they could not fly if they wanted to and others are in a paper bag but this just adds to the humour. The birds are sitting on electric wires but when a winning combination of three or more birds is achieved those winning birds are suddenly electrocuted and disappear in a puff of ash and feathers. They are then replaced by others that fly in and the win multiplier ticks on to 2x. The fat ones are the wild symbols and the paper bag jobs are in fact the bonus round triggers. Three of these minimum will trigger the bonus round whereupon one of them will discard its paper bag revealing a rather sinister looking black bird resembling the devil. This is however good as the bonus round is free sins and the win multiplier starts at 4 times and goes up to 20 times value. There is also a spin until you win feature called Inwinity Spin™ which pretty much guarantees a healthy cash win. This is definitely one of the more unusual casino slots around and well worth a look at.

This same feature of fifteen independent symbols is also present in another of the favourite casino slots of and that is Gonzo’s Quest™. This casino slot features Gonzo’s search for gold in Peru and Gonzo himself looks on as you play. He will even dance for you if you hit a good sized win. In this casino slot the symbols are on stone blocks which explode when a win is achieved with the blocks above dropping down and the top ones being replaced. Again there is a win multiplier which goes up to 5 times the win in normal play mode but in free fall mode which is the equivalent of free spins mode it starts at 3 times an finishes at fifteen times. The free falls are triggered by a gold coloured roundel and Gonzo himself will escort you to a new world. Free falls can even be triggered while in free falls mode. This casino slot is produced by the casino software company NetEnt and can be found at All Irish Casino.

As you can see there are a number of casino slots to suit all tastes from those looking for the big prizes to those looking for a bit of fun and entertainment. There literally hundreds if not thousands to choose from so is a good place to start as you can play free casino while trying them all out.