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Casino slots with independent symbols can be very entertaining

By mr-casino on 2016-11-16 16:55:55

Since the coming of online casinos the games that have changed the most are casino slots with fancy electronics taking over to provide an endless stream of new graphics although the general format remains the same at either three reel or five reel slots. The new trend however is not to have reels at all but rather independent symbols which although arranged in a 5 by 3 pattern operate individually. The simplest of slots are still the three reel single winning line casino slots but they are becoming harder and harder to find. One example is the casino slot “fruit slots” which still uses the fruit and bars symbols that we are familiar with from bygone days. This slot is presented by the casino software group Quickfire and can be found at The typical five reel slots can often be found in the progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune™ which is presented by NetEnt and can also be found at InstaCasino as well as at other online casinos using that casino software such as but the really great and entertaining casino slots tend to be in the group using independent symbols.

There are many examples but some of the best according to can be found at online casinos using NetEnt casino software such as or Here you can find casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ which is an Aztec style themed slot with the intrepid explorer Gonzo looking on. In this instance the independent symbols are carved onto stone blocks and winning lines are in the traditional left to right format. However any blocks that form part of a winning line will explode and will be replaced by others. If there is a block above the winning block then this will drop down and if the winning block is in the top row it will be replaced by a new one. At the same time the win multiplier moves from 1 to 2 so that any win resulting from the new blocks pays double. This continues until no further win is achieved. The maximum multiplier is 5 times which is achieved after three successive wins. The falling of the blocks is called an avalanche and instead of free spins the casino slot has free falls. Three free falls symbols will take you to another screen following Gonzo but this s where the real money ca accumulate as the multipliers now start at three times and climb through six times and nine times right up to fifteen times the win. If you have never tried Gonzo’s Quest™ it is well worth a go and of course at freespins casino and all irish casino you can play in free play mode.

Another well loved casino slot with independent symbols is Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which are both very similar. The unique feature of these two casino slots is called “sticky wins” which replaces the multiplier. The slots are gangster themed slots and the “sticky wins” feature is so called because all winning symbols are held while all others are spun again automatically. If this results in an improved win then the process is repeated and repeated until no improved win is achieved. It is not necessary to place any additional funds into the machine while this is going on and at the end all wins are paid out. Free spins are also available and are very lucrative with a minimum of three needed but the free sins symbols are also subject to “sticky wins” so if you have three on the first spin there is a good chance you will end up with more on successive spins. In free spins mode all wins are doubled, the “sticky wins” feature is still in play and there is always a wild symbol in the screen making it very attractive.

Probably the strangest casino slot in this category is Birds on a Wire™ which is brought to you by a smaller casino software supplier called NYX Gaming and again can be found at This casino slot might not appeal to everybody as it involves birds being electrocuted albeit that they are only symbolic birds bearing no resemblance to any real bird. As birds tend to do they are all sitting on electric wires when the game begins. The problem starts when a winning line is achieved as the electric current then starts to flow which electrocutes the winning birds and they disappear in a puff of smoke and feathers. These are then replaced by others and as is the case in Gonzo’s Quest™ the multiplier moves from 1 to 2. If the replacement symbols also result in a winning line the process repeats itself up to five times. A rather fat bird is a wild symbol and to get into free spins mode you will need to achieve a minimum of three free spins birds. It is not clear what birds these are supposed to represent as the free spins birds are concealed in a paper bag. Yes you did read that correctly; paper bags can fly apparently. As casino slots go this has got to be one of the ones with the most humour.

Casino slots have come a really long way in the last few years and there are so many different ones these days that it becomes quite difficult to make any sort of recommendation as it becomes very much a matter of personal choice of graphics and music. A popular casino slot will also of course be one that you have won at previously. Regardless hopes that these few that have been mentioned will give you hours of fun.