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Burning Desire

Burning Desire

Burning Desire is another video slots presentation by Microgaming Inc. Burning desire is a 5 reel slot machine. This online casino video slot is very different from other online slots games, as there are no pay lines in the game. Instead of the pay lines, this online casino video slots game has 243 different ways to win, making it an extremely challenging and interesting game.

The first video slots of its kind, Microgaming has cleverly removed the pay lines to incorporate ‘way wins’ which makes it easier for players to win the games. This means that any of the symbols that appear on the first reel can be matched with any other symbol on the other 4 reels. The order of the columns is not important in this game. If there are combinations on a screen, you can win the game without paying much heed to the positioning of the symbols. The game has the traditional scatter and wild symbols. However, there are so many ways to win in this game, that you can win a lot of money playing the burning desire online casino video slots game. The 243 ways to win is a record for any online casino slots game. In this game, every symbol works as a scatter symbol if it is placed adjacent to the same symbol. If two same symbols figure next to each other on the slots, it is immediately translated into a winning combination.

Apart from the unique winning combinations and multiple winning ways, burning desire is also known for the dramatic background and the different look and feel. Each of the symbol that figures on the slots looks special and can untap several payout series. Since there is no system of the pay lines, all the symbols in this game are as important as the next one. Without the pay lines, you do not even have to worry about winning on specific paylines only. You can win anywhere on the screen if there is any possible winning combination. Since burning desire works completely without the pay lines, you have the potential to win where ever the right symbols align next to each other.

The jackpot in the game is worth 30,000 coins. This jackpot is won if you have identical symbols on all five reels. These symbols do not have to be right next to each other. They can be anywhere on the lines in all of the five reels. There is also a free spins bonus from which you can win a jackpot of up to 90,000 coins.

Slot Engine

The online casino slots game uses a very unique slot engine. It has been made in a way that the players can win huge amounts of cash. Though the slot features are similar to any other online casino slots, the burning desire slot engine is still much different from the rest of video slots. The free spins bonus round is triggered when three or more gold coins occur anywhere on the five reels. The free spins round has a generous 3X multiplier effect. This means that for every combination that you make while you are playing the free spins round, your winnings will be multiplied by three before being added to your account. Since the burning desire logo is the wild symbol in this game, the appearance of the logo can help you make even more winnings that you would expect.

The wild symbol can substitute itself with any other symbol on the reels. A single symbol can act wild across all the reels, substituting it wherever it is possible to make a winning combination.

Pay Tables

Since there are many different symbols in the game and even more ways to win the game, different symbols pay differently in different combinations. To find out what a symbol pays in the game, simply click on the pay screen. The game has an in built pay screen which lists out a pay table, detailing winnings of each of the symbol and combination. For instance, if you get a fiery rose symbol on all five reels, it will pay you 500 times your initial bet. However, if the fiery rose symbol appears only on 3 reels, you get 10 times the amount of your bet. If you get the fiery 7 symbol, you can get 2000 times the betting amount. However if you get only two fiery 7 symbols on the five reels, you get only 7 times your bet amount. In addition, you can also activate a gambling feature. After each win, the gamble option displays on the screen. You can choose to play the option and double your winnings. The gamble option keeps prompting every time you win, until you have reached the maximum possible pay outs.

Wild Symbols

The burning desire logo is the wild symbol in this game. The burning desire logo can substitute itself for any other symbol on the screen to make for winning combinations. However, in burning desire online casino game, the burning desire logo cannot substitute the gold coin symbol. If three or more gold coin symbols appear on the screen, the free spins bonus round is triggered. Once you have reached the free spins bonus round, it can be retriggered if you get three or more gold coins on the screen again. 15 free spins are triggered in the bonus round and each winning stands to be tripled in this round.

Even though Burning Desire online casino slots machine is a relatively newer concept from Microgaming, the concept of the ‘ways win’ has received a very warm welcome. The gaming is a little different from the other slots game that most players are used to. However, once you have played it for a while, the game can be easily understood. In fact, if you learn how to play the burning desire online slots video slots, you will realize that it is one of the best online casino slots games. There are so many ways to win in this game that it makes for an extremely exciting game play.