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Hell Boy

Hell Boy Online Casino Slot

Hell boy online casino slots game is a 5 reel, 20 line video slots machine. A popular game in Europe, the game can be played in both the currencies pounds and euros. The game, which is based on the comic book character of Hellboy, is an outstanding work of audio-visual effects and amazing bonus features. Another fantastic casino online slots game, Hell boy is a pleasure to play for all the comic book fans.

Unlike many other comic book inspired online casino slots machines, the Hell boy casino slots contain many different characters featured in the comics. There is a four level underworld bonus round which is not only fun and exciting to play, but also has some huge payouts. In the bonus round, the superhero searches for team mates in an underground tunnel. This feature has not yet been seen in any other online casino slots game and that makes the Hell boy casino slots, one of their kind. This is a completely action packed game, where there are excellent visuals, lots of fanfare and huge payouts.

Apart from the 4 round Underworld bonus round, there is also the Super Mode bonus round which can be triggered by winning combinations. There are different symbols on the Hell boy online casino slots game. The hellboy giant stone fist, Prof. Trevor, Liz, Abe and other fruits and card symbols make up for the symbols in the Hellboy online casino slots.

You can place your bets starting from 1¢ to £/€50 per spin. Since this is a high stakes game and the action becomes increasingly fast as the game progresses, betting more on the spins can bring you closer to hitting the jackpot. If your luck holds out, your payout can become even bigger. Every time you win, you can choose to play a small mini game in which you predict the next card in the standard 52 card deck. If you do not guess right, you get to keep your winnings. However, if you do guess the right card, your winnings get doubled. If you guess the suit of the card right too, you can quadruple your winnings. At the end of the day, you can in fact take four times your winning. This is a feature you can hardly see in any online casino except for the Hell boy online casino slots.


The rules of the Hell boy online casino slots are much like the other casino slots games. Like any other game, the Hell boy online casino slots also have scatter and wild symbols which make for winning combinations and have multiplier effects on winnings. The scatter symbol and the wild symbol also trigger off bonus games.

While the scatter symbol enables the free spins, the wild symbols can substitute themselves for any other symbol and make winning combinations while doing so.

The reels of the Hell boy casino online slots game come to a halt from left to right, and the combinations are also created from left to right. Winnings of all pay lines are added to your account if you are playing all the pay lines. However, if you have selected some of them, you will only get the winnings from the selected pay lines. The rest of the winnings will not be added to your account, even if the rest of the pay lines have some winning combinations.

How to Play?

Like in any other Microgaming online casino slots, the lines of the Hell Boy casino slots game can be adjusted using a scroll button. You can increase or decrease the number of paylines that you want to play per spin. You can also choose from the different denominations. The lowest bet is 0.01 and the highest bet is 50. You can set your bet on the game screen too. To automatically bet the max amount, click on Bet Max button. You can also choose to allow your game to run automatically by choosing autoplay. At any time, you can stop the auto play option and resume the manual play. During the auto play option, your winnings will continue to be added to your total money.

The view payout button can be used to see the various winning combinations.

Winning Combinations

In Hell boy online casino slots game, the Hell boy logo is the wild symbol which can substitute any symbol on the screen. After every winning combination, there is a gamble option to double or quadruple the total winnings.

The underworld bonus game is triggered by three of more symbols of the massive Hell Boy arm. The Underworld bonus is a 4 level mini game in which Hell boy is dragged to the depths of the underworld where creatures of the night dwell. Hell boy has to search for the ultimate The Relic of Power. If you are able to search for it, Hell boy online casino slots can make you very rich with a maximum bonus of 8,400 coins.

There is also the supermode bonus mode where you can bypass the entire 4 levels of the underworld search for the Relic of Power and go to the Chamber of Fire straight. It is the chamber of fire where the relic of power lies. If you are able to locate this relic of power in the chamber of fire, the Hell boy online casino slots pay you a whopping bonus of 92,000 jackpot.

In the Nifty supermode of the game, you can also get 10 free spins from where you can collect three wild symbols that can be later used for future paylines. This can allow you to make huge payouts in your regular game. Using these wild symbols that you have collected in the Nifty supermode, you can also take your chance at grabbing the Relic of Power.

There is also a video mode feature if you get the three fists featured anywhere on the Hell Boy online casino slots. You will get a small video snippet of the action hero looking for its friends. This is another audio visual treat that the Hell boy online casino provides to its players.