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Hitman Online Casino Slot

Like several other online casino slots games introduced by Microgaming, Hitman casino slots are also based on the video game of the same name. Hitman online casino slots are a new kind of video slots, which has taken the best elements of the video game and a motion picture of the same name. The game Hitman was an adult themed video game presented by Eidos Interactive and has now been converted into a video slot machine which retains the dark action and adult theme.

The video game Hitman had two parts, the Original Hitman and the sequel to it, Blood Money. The video game is a first person shooter designed for the entertainment those who enjoy a good fight and some assassination simulations. The video game had an assortment of bad guys, arsenals and business suited professional gunmen, which has been carried forward into the slots game as well. Not really for the faint hearted, the hitman online casino slots game has been doing just as well as the video game did in its own time.

The hitman online casino slots game is a five reel game and has fifteen pay lines. The graphics are extremely good and there has been a lot of effort into recreating the mood of the game. There are several symbols which Hitman fans will be familiar with. The hitman insignia, drugs, knives, guns, 18 Symbol and the Hitman, Agent 47 himself are some of the symbols that you can see while playing this game. The graphics of the game are not the only thing worth commended about this game. The game also has superior audio qualities and therefore has a different kind of appeal.


The rules of the Hitman online casino slots are much like the other casino slots games. The reels are read from left to right and the winning combinations including the scatter symbols and wild symbols are worth more than the other winning combinations. The wild symbols can substitute for other symbols and also have multiplier effects whereas the scatter symbols can make for winning combinations and trigger free spins. Only the winning combinations on the chosen paylines will be eligible to render any dividend. If you are playing 5 active lines, the rest of the lines will not be eligible for any winnings, even if they have wild symbols and great winning combinations.

How To Play?

Like in any other Microgaming online casino slots, you can adjust the number of lines you want to play in each spin, but adjusting them using the scrolls. You can also choose the denomination of your coins and the number of coins itself. The denominations you can choose from are 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.5 and 1. The lowest minimum bet is 0.05 per line. There is also a Bet Max button, which allows you to bet the Maximum amount, which is 75 credits per line. You can also choose between the auto mode and the manual mode.

When you have made all your arrangements, selected lines to play, denominations and coins, hit the spin button, setting the hitman reels in motion. The reels stop from left to right and the combinations are also made from left to right. The active play lines are scanned by the software and depending on the number of winning combinations, your account will be credited by the appropriate sums. You can use the view payout button to check the different combinations and their payouts.

Winning Combinations

The game has some excellent animation contained in it. Whenever you hit Agent 47, there are snippets of movie like action that you would be able to witness. You can play on the full screen mode to enjoy these action snippets even more. With each winning combination, you will also get some animations and a video cut, which make for an interesting and audio-visually loaded experience.

The top jackpot in Hitman online casino slots game is 4000 coins. The second highest jackpot values 2000 coins. However, there are also three bonus games which you can trigger off. There are three expanding wild icons of the hitman with two guns on the middle reel and these can substitute any other symbol on the screen except for the scatter symbols. The wild symbols in Hitman casino slots game can appear on any of the five reels and are immediately swapped for making winning combinations. When the wild symbols are substituting themselves, the audio snippets can be very exciting.

The scatter symbol in Hitman online casino slots game is the red circle. The scatter symbols can trigger the free spins game if they appear three or more times on any of the reels.

The bonus features are an excellent addition to an already exciting casino online slots game. Two of the bonus features can be played on the main screen and the third can be played in a new screen.

If you get three scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, you get 18 free spins as a bonus feature. All the winnings from the free spins are automatically doubled and added to your account.

There is also an insignia bonus round which is triggered by 3 or more hitman insignia. In this bonus round, you can choose any one of the three insignias to uncover hidden bonuses and coins.

If you get a mini PC symbol on the third, fourth or the fifth reels, you can triggers the contract bonus game in which a new screen emerges. There is a selection of items from which you have to choose some. If you are able to pick the right item, the game continues in the same manner and pace. As the bonus level continues, the stakes also become progressively higher and you can end up winning a lot of coins.

There are no random progressive jackpots in this game and therefore you can place your bets according to your own comfort without thinking of the eligibility for jackpots. Instead you can aim for the fixed jackpots that are available on the hitting of the bonus rounds.