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Major Millions

Major Millions Online Casino Slot

Major Millions online casino slots are one of the top paying progressive jackpot slot games. An immensely popular game in the whole of Europe as well as North America, Major Millions is a 3 line and 3 coin online casino slot machine. The game was introduced by Microgaming, which has many other high paying progressive slots under its aegis. Though traditionally Major Millions online casino slots were a 3 reel and 3 line game, recent improvements on the game have made it a 5 real, 15 line version.

Like all five reel slots, Major Millions online casino slots are also extremely exciting. Most online casinos offer both 3 and 5 reel Major Million casino slots.

The Major Millions online casino game has many different symbols, including the wild symbol Major Millions himself, the scatter explosion scatter symbol, the war tanks, aircrafts, Major Million’s hat, medals, and top secret documents. An excellent audio and visual effect makes this game worth your time and your money. Apart from that, the Major Millions casino game also has randomized jackpots and bonuses which can be triggered off in the middle of any game.


When you are playing Major Millions online casino slots, it is important to know and understand the rules of the game. Ideally, you should familiarize yourself with all the rules of the games which may be important for you to understand and win your game. It is not always possible to make a strategy for playing Major Millions online casino slots and therefore knowing the rules can help you with the game.

  1. There are in all 15 pay lines that you can play in the game. However, no matter how many combinations you get in a single line, you get the winnings only of the highest combination.
  2. The slots spin from left to right and are paid in the same direction.
  3. You can bet a maximum of three coins in Major Millions online casino slots. However, you can adjust the bets according to the credits you want to use. In a single spin, you cannot use more than 3 credits.
  4. If you have a winning combination with a Major Million wild card, it can have a multiplier effect on the entire combination. When combinations are paired with the Major Million slot, it can have a 2x and 4x multiplier effect, depending on the combination and the payline on which the combination rests. The wild card symbol can substitute for any other symbols; however, they cannot do so with scatter explosion symbols.
  5. A Single Major Millions symbol can double the payout of the winnings
  6. Two Major Millions symbols quadruple the payout for any combination that they complete.
  7. The scatter symbol also has a multiplier effect on the winnings. In Major Millions online casino slots the scattered explosion symbol acts as the scatter symbol.
  8. There is a random progressive jackpots feature in the game. The jackpot game can be triggered at any time during the gane.
  9. Though the bets are adjustable in Major Millions online casino slots, you qualify for the progressive jackpots only if you bet the maximum bets on all spins.

How to Play?

When playing Major Millions online casino slots, credits have to be purchased from the casino. The game requires three credits for each spin. You can click on ‘select coins’ to select your preferred denominations and then place your bet accordingly. Since there are a total of 15 lines in the 5 reel Major Millions casino slots, you can click on the ‘select lines’ button to adjust the lines by selecting how many of them you want to play. Your betting amount can also be adjusted and if you want a shot for the progressive slots, you can simply click on ‘bet max’ for every spin, since that’s a prerequisite for the Major Millions online casino slots game. To begin your game, simply click on spin. You will have to make your bet each time before you click spin.

Winning Combinations

The wild symbol in Major Millions online casino slots game is the Major Millions symbol. The wild symbol can be used to make winning combinations by substituting any symbol except for the scatter symbols. Single wild symbols in a winning combination can double the winnings, whereas a double wild symbol can quadruple the winnings.

The Scatter symbol in the Major Millions online casino slots game is the scatter explosion symbol. The scatter symbol makes for multiplier effects on winning combinations. When the scatter symbols appear three or more times anywhere on any of the pay lines, you get a winning combination.


The random progressive jackpot in Major Millions online casino slots pays a minimum jackpot of €2,07,500. Till date, Major Millions casino slots have been known to create several millionaires all over the world. Since the progressive jackpots continue to increase and drop, there are good chances that jackpots of different amounts can be hit on the same night.

The progressive jackpots are completely random and may be triggered with any spin. There have been instances where players have hit jackpots twice in one day. However, in order for the progressive jackpots to be triggered in the Major Millions online casino slots, you have to have played all your spins with the maximum bets. There are three versions to the Major Millions casino slots. The first is the traditional 3 reel slot machine, the second is the more recent 5 reel slot machine and the third is the high rolling mega spin version.

In any of these three versions of the game, there is a high likelihood of hitting a jackpot. Since the jackpots are progressive, the size of the bet does not determine your winnings from the jackpot. The jackpot continues to change throughout the game. You may be able to see the jackpot counter right next to your slots screen. The best way to hit the jackpot is to continue playing for as long as you can. This can help you reach your goal of hitting the jackpot faster.