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Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Online Casino Slot

Mega Moolah online casino slots are an exciting twenty five line, five real progressive slots. Designed by Microgaming, the Mega Moolah casino slots are based on a safari theme and promise a lot of fun, along with an African expedition adventure. What makes this game even more thrilling to experience is the excellent audio and visual qualities. Microgaming has certainly put a lot of thought in making Mega Moolah online casino slots an experience worth remembering.

The fun is in no way diminished by the fact that the game is of five slots and 25 lines, with additional bonus rounds. Packed with some excellent features, the Mega Moolah casino slots are one the first ever four tier jackpot slot for Microgaming. This also adds to the gaming experience since it means that the game offers you a chance to win four progressive jackpots instead of one. Of course, out of the four progressive jackpots, there is one which has minimum levels so high that the winner of the jackpot is guaranteed to become a millionaire. For each of the other Mega Moolah casino jackpots, there are huge cash prizes to be won.

Each of the slots in Mega Moolah, are marked with animals from the African jungles. You can spot a zebra, a bufallo, a giraffe, a lion and an elephant too. Of course, amongst the African fauna, you can also find scatters, free spins and wild rewards, enough to make your day. Since the five reels increases the winning combinations exponentially, there are multiple opportunities to win on these games too. This isn’t exactly undermined by the fact that there are 25 pay lines, increasing your chances of winning some good money.

Apart from the four progressive jackpots, Mega Moolah also offers you a chance to win a wheel of fortune style jackpot.


When you are playing mega Moolah online casino games, there are a number of rules that you should keep in mind. You should ideally familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before beginning it. Here are some of the important rules that you should familiarize yourself with.

  1. Depending on the pay lines that you are playing, winnings are only paid for the highest combinations. Even if you have multiple combinations in a single screen, the rules apply and only the highest combination is considered for paying winnings.
  2. The slots are paid from left to right.
  3. If you have a winning combination along with a lion symbol, the earnings are doubled. However, if the winning combination is of lion symbols, then the earnings are not doubled.
  4. Both the scatter wins and bonus wins are added to the regular wins of the pay lines. However, when you are playing free spins, the bonus feature cannot be won during that time.
  5. The progressive jackpot is completely randomized and may be played at any time during your game. The chances of winning the jackpot become more likely when you have been playing for longer.

How To Play

When playing Mega Moolah online casino slots, you have to purchase coins. A game would cost anywhere from 1 to 5 coins. Click on ‘select coins’ to select your preferred denominations. The denominations of the coins can also be changed according to your preferences. Since there are a total of 25 lines in the Mega Moolah casino slots, you can also adjust the lines by selecting how many of them you want to play. Click on the ‘select lines’ button to click the number of lines you want to play for every spin. You can also adjust the amount of bet you want to place. If you want to place the maximum bet, simply click on ‘bet max’. Once you have made all the adjustments, simply click on the ‘spin’ button to begin your game.

Winning Combinations

The reels feature the cards of ranks 10, J, Q, K, A and a number of jungle animals. The lines are read from left to right and to win cash prizes, you should have matching symbols and combinations. To understand these winning combinations better, you can click on the ‘view payout’ button. A glossary of all the winning terms and a list of winning combinations will be displayed on the page.

In the Mega Moolah online casino slots, the monkey symbol is the scatter symbol. This means that when you spin, getting three monkey symbols anywhere on the five slots, you activate a bonus game where you get free 15 spins. The bonus feature has retriggers where if you get the scatter symbols again, you retrigger the bonus round. Throughout the game, all your winnings are tripled.

The wild symbol in Mega Moolah casino slots is the lion. This means that the lion symbol can substitute for any other symbol, allowing you to make winning combinations on the pay lines. However, the wild symbol cannot substitute the scatter symbol.


Mega Moolah online casino slots checks the number of pay lines you are playing after every spin. The bonus can be activated automatically if you have scatter symbols to enter into the free bonus round. There is a small window where the readouts can show you the number of coins that you have won, after each of the spins you play. The jackpot bonus round in Mega Moolah online casino slots is completely random and therefore can be activated anytime during the game. Even if you are have lost on a spin, it could trigger a jackpot round and you can end up winning a lot of cash.

There are different levels of winning the jackpots. At the mini level you can win at least 10 coins, followed by the minor level in which you can win at least 100 coins, the major level in which you can win at least 10,000 coins and then finally the mega level, where you have the chances of winning 1 million coins in the least. These jackpots are completely randomized and the jackpot round may be triggered off at any point during the game.