Casino and online casino list for Ireland

casino software can be key to your online casino experience

By mr-casino on 2016-11-20 16:30:56

Whether you enjoy your online casino experience or not depends on a variety of factors most of which are very personal to you but one of the most important is the casino software that is being used by the online casino. In the beginning of online casinos it was not unusual for the casino itself to try to develop their own casino games but as they have become more and more complicated new companies have sprung up who specialise in casino game development and then market themselves to the online casino owners. There are several casino software developers but nothing like as many as there are online casinos which explains to some extent why you can find the same casino game on different online casino sites. This is particularly true of some of the better known casino slots but in some cases such as BetFred Casino and Bet365 Casino the sites are almost identical in the layout and games that they offer. The casino software is of course not the only thing that determines your enjoyment as the layout and approach of the online casino is also important. To some online casinos you will only ever be nothing more than a number but there are also online casinos that like to give the more personal touch. Some Irish casino players prefer one approach while others prefer the alternative; it is simply a matter of preference.

The major casino software companies that you may come across are, in no particular order, Playtech which is used by some of the larger online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino, Microgaming who market casino slots such as Terminator 2™, Jurassic Park™, Thunderstruck™ and Immortal Romance™ to a number of online casinos, NetEnt who are one of the favourites of for their casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™ and Amatic Industries who operate their games under the name of Amanet. NetEnt is the casino software preferred by All Irish Casino while Amatic is preferred by Amatic is reasonably new to the online casino market although the company has been developing casino slots software for many years to be used in cabinet style slots that you might find in any pub club or casino. The good thing about Amanet is that they have continued to use some of the simpler casino slots arrangements so slots with bells and fruit symbols which are instantly recognisable are available at slots such as All Ways Fruits™ which can be found at There are plenty of other casino slots from Amanet often categorised as Video Slots. Live casino at provides a wide range of tables with different table stakes from €0.50 to €50 on roulette, €5 to €1000 on blackjack which should be enough even for the high rollers of this world and between €5 and €500 at the Punto Banco tables. Punto Banco by the way is the alternative name for Baccarat.

As stated earlier one of the favourite casino software suppliers of is NetEnt and the reason is that they bring some more unusual features to casino slots such as “sticky wins” at the casino slot Jack Hammer™. The “sticky wins” feature keeps winning symbols held while spinning all remaining symbols again. If this results in an improved win then all of these symbols are also held and the process repeated. This continues until no improved win is achieved after which the improved wins are paid out. It is amazing how a very small win can transform into a very large win. Something similar happens with Gonzo’s Quest but instead of winning symbols being held they are the ones that get spun again with all others being held. This time there is a win multiplier so if your re-spin results in a further win it is paid at twice the normal win odds and the process repeated. The maximum multiplier is 5 times but there is no limit to the number of successive wins that be achieved. All Irish Casino uses this casino software but not exclusively as it also uses Amanet and others.

Smaller online casino software suppliers include Thunderkick , NYX Gaming, Play N Go, and Quickspin all of which have their unique casino slots. If you want to try all of these then go to where they have them all plus many more. Thunderkick has a rather unique casino slot in Birds on a Wire™ which again has win a multiplier but entertainingly winning birds who are sitting on a wire suddenly find current passing though the wire which instantly electrocutes them turning them into soot and feathers. Don’t worry the images are not anything like real birds and in fact one of them manages to fly despite being in a brown paper bag. This is pure comedy and entertainment.

Whichever of the online casinos you chose to play at it is worth looking at other casino software providers to see if you like something better. There is generally no choice of casino software used for table games such as roulette and blackjack but as al games are very similar if not the same it is only the graphics which are going to be different but even that can important to some players. Microgaming has only been briefly mentioned but this casino software supplier has some of the casino slots with the largest progressive jackpots and they are of course available at a number of online casinos. These progressive jackpots are in fact run by the casino software supplier rather than the online casino and it is this which enables the jackpots to build much faster than would be the case with a single online casino. It also goes part way to explaining why any online casino is happy when one of its players hits such n enormous jackpot as the jackpot is paid out by the casino software company rather than the online casino itself.