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Casino software is an important feature on the online casino

By mr-casino on 2011-02-06 09:26:53

The software that an online casino uses can have a major influence on whether you enjoy the gambling experience or not and yet most of the time players at online casinos have no idea what casino software is being used. There are of course a number of casino software suppliers but the four largest and most popular are Chartwell, Wagerworks,Microgaming and Playtech; a full description of each of these can be found in our casino software pages here at Most of the major online casino operators do not try to develop their own software as it is a specialised field so they sign deals with one or sometimes more than one of the major suppliers; it is not unusual for an online casino operator to use different suppliers for different parts of the site for example poker software from one provider but slots software from another. The fact that online casino operators do this goes some way to explain why some online casinos look remarkably similar to others; the software developers simply use the same software for all casinos but rebrand according to the customer so you will find that certain parts of BetFred, William Hill and Bet365 are very similar because they all use Playtech casino software. It is the software provider that has for example a deal with Marvel or Paramount to use their characters in the slot machines and hence you will also find the same slots in different casinos. This can of course work to your advantage as on the progressive jackpot machines the casino software is able to link all online casinos together which drives the jackpots higher and faster than would be possible with a single user..