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Some casino software has special features for your online casino play

By mr-casino on 2017-10-22 16:04:37

People who play at an online casino generally fall into one of two categories and they are infrequent players or regular players but there are also a few who go through the registration process, make a deposit, play once and are never seen again. These players may of course decide that they do not like the casino software being used so go and try a different online casino. This might however not achieve the objective as any casino software might be used by several online casinos so by changing online casinos they might not end up with different casino games. Another reason sometimes given is that they didn’t win first time so they went somewhere else. As any regular online casino player knows, it is unreasonable to expect to win every time. There will be times when you do and times when you don’t and that also depends a lot on which casino games you are playing. Playing low risk games such as Roulette or Blackjack do provide a good chance of winning but wins are always going to be proportionate to stakes so only large stakes will result in large wins. Casino slots on the other hand can provide very large wins with very small stakes but you might go quite a long time without making a profit. This is especially true of the progressive jackpot slots where jackpots run into the millions of Euro.

One of the questions asked at is whether any one casino software is more likely to provide wins than another and the answer is probably not. In regular games such as Roulette and Blackjack it is a random number generator which is deciding winning numbers or cards and the odds are always the same wherever you play except of course for American roulette where with a double zero your odds of hitting a single number are decreased from 37:1 to 38:1 but it is even worse for players who prefer to back odd/even or red/black as instead of only one number that is neither there are two in American roulette which is a big increase. Casino slots have much more variety and although there are differences between the payout percentages of some slots it is nothing substantial. All Irish casino players will have their preference of casino slot and it is generally the regular players who stick to one or possibly two that they know well and where they have enjoyed winning in the past. It is simply a question of personal preference and where the player feels comfortable.

Certain casino software suppliers do have their own unique features and particularly likes NetEnt software and therefore recommends online casinos such as All Irish Casino which use it extensively although not exclusively. This casino software has a couple of casino slots which are both good entertainment and where wins seem easier to come by but they are not progressive jackpot slots so the millions of Euro winnings are not there. One of the NetEnt casino software offerings which can be found at a number of online casinos including All Irish Casino is called Jack Hammer™ and it features something called Sticky Wins™. There is also another casino slot with the identical feature called Jack Hammer2™. Sticky Wins™ is only possible because the casino software allows all fifteen symbols which are visible to be independent from each other instead of the more normal arrangement of being fixed on five reels. More and more casino slots are using this technology of independent symbols but the Sticky Wins™ feature is trademarked. When a winning combination is achieved on any of the 25 winning lines those symbols are automatically held and without any further intervention by the player all other symbols are spun again. Should this result in the original win being improved upon, which it invariably does, then the process repeats itself. All of this happens without any further bets being placed and the process continues time and again until the win is no longer improved upon whereupon the largest win is paid out. It is quite amazing how a simple win of three symbols turns into multiple wins of up to 5 symbols on a winning line. There are of course wilds and free spins symbols to help along the way and the free spins in particular can result in very large wins as in free spins mode all wins are paid at triple value. It does take a minimum of 5 freespins symbols to trigger the free spins which might seem quite a lot but the sticky wins feature also applies to freespins symbols so that a minimum of three is all that is needed to get started.

NetEnt casino software has another interesting casino slot which also uses independent symbols called Gonzo’s Quest™ although here that ability is used in a different way. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a sort of Aztec themed casino slot with Gonzo being and explorer searching for riches as of course are you when you play the game. The symbols are in line with the theme and are a sort of Aztec hieroglyphics but they are carved onto rock. In this slot it is not the winning symbols that are held but all others. The winning symbols explode and anything above drops down to take its place with any of the top row being replaced. Again this is automatic and requires no further investment from the player. After the initial win there is a win multiplier which moves onto 2X so that if another win is triggered by the new arrangement of blocks then that win pays double. It does not stop there however as the process repeats going from 3X to 5X for subsequent wins. At the end all wins are paid. If you can make it into the free spins mode which happens to be called free falls in this casino slot then win multiplier starts at 3X and can move right up to 15X the face value of a win which is pretty impressive.