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Chartwell Online Casino Software Platform

Chartwell Technology is one of the world class dealer and developer of the software products for the online gaming community. The company was established in the year 1998 and is publicly traded on TSE. Chartwell Technology is a popular and esteemed multinational providing high-quality online gaming software to numerous casinos online. They have a renowned name and reputation in the gaming business, as is a member of Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) as well as a corporate member of Remote Gaming Association (RGA).

Chartwell is not an operator and therefore does not compete with its clients. They have consistently leading the new technology development front, from the industry’s first commercial deployment of Java based gaming systems to the launch of their latest powerful gaming solution, the Chartwell Games Platform.

Chartwell Technology brands itself as a company people can depend on. This software provider was established in 1998 and till date is recognized as one of the world leaders in the development and implementation of gambling software. In recent years, Chartwell has ventured into the mobile gaming industry, developing games to be used on devices like cellular phones, but their most essential software, that gives them the highest earning of all, deals with sports betting. Over the past decade, Chartwell has made a name for in the industry by providing high-speed, graphically-sound gaming options to players.

Chatwell Technology has been registered with United States Securities Exchange Commission. Poker, Bingo, Casino, and fixed-odd games are included in their software packages. The company has offices in Singapore, Canada, Malta and most of the work is conducted at Calgary with over 130 employees overall. A variety of games are programmed by Chartwell to suit the different tastes of the online casino players across the world.

They ensure that their technology does not remain a barrier in reaching their market. All of their software can now be accessed via a speedy download. Games can be played online in the browser of your choice.

Chartwell can be considered unique for the fact that they were the first developers to launch Flash and Java-based gaming systems commercially. The goal here was to create customer-friendly games that would load quickly, be easy to use and would provide a true-to-life gaming experience in terms of the odds and game format. The company increased their hold on the gaming software world in 2006, when Chartwell joined forces with a brand well known and respected for its sports betting options.

Chartwell Technologies make use of the most advanced technology for building up the system that is strong and at the same time flexible enough to deal with any form of application.

Unlike many present day companies dealing in gaming software, Chartwell Technology is actually a profitable, debt-free company. Since offering software for the first officially licensed online casino in the UK, Chartwell has broadened their horizon, offering their software to casinos in other parts of the world and distributing their software to a variety of casino and bookmaking owners.

One of the more unique features the company offers is total ownership and control for any of their operators. Instead of having online gaming site operators use their software and evolve to fit their respective platform, Chartwell’s unique software solutions are able to be fully integrated into the existing architecture of a client’s site. They also back out of the casino game altogether and does not operate in direct competition with other owners. They simply provide the innovative solutions for operators to use.

Chartwell Technology supports many popular casino games including many old and new ones. Games like Roulette, Poker, Bingo, and Blackjack are a few of the popular games easily found in many online casinos running on their software. The Chartwell software also supports a large variety of exciting Slot games and its variants.

This sophisticated software allows players to enjoy both download version and online browser version of casino games. The software offers a free-play version of some famous games as well, for the players who wish to enjoy gaming without risking their money.

There are some Chartwell casinos where prior to getting the bonus added to your account you need to perform pre-wagering formalities. Majority of the bonuses are added straight away and same as for the deposits made to Chartwell casinos those are processed immediately. Regarding the withdrawals, they are processed within 24 hours but only in some cases it could take a maximum of 48 hours.

Some of the Chartwell casinos offer a comp point feature system under that wagers can be easily tracked. Chartwell offers a wide range of online games comprising of table games, card games, video poker, and slots. There is a provision for reviewing the game play so that you have a better idea of every single game played. With their multiplayer poker you get to enjoy a wide variety of poker games along with Amerikana, 32 cards Flash, Texas Hold’em, and Telesina.

You can make a choice from the main menu for turning off the sound and adjusting the speed of the game play. If you are a skilled player then with the Chartwell software you can go beyond 400 hands of Blackjack on an hourly basis. Seeing that the online gambling has now headed towards the mobile gaming side, Chartwell Technologies have made full use of their experience with java technology.

Chartwell software is available in a number of languages as well as accepts payments in multiple national currencies, to suit the requirements of different online casinos and their customers. A realistic casino feel and a variety of bonuses options, along with attractive progressive jackpots, all these add up to the reputation of the software. The flexibility offered by Chartwell software in terms of gaming format and gaming options makes this a preferred choice for many online casinos, looking forward to entertain their customers with a powerful gaming experience.

Chartwell Technology offers similar services to their users and operators across the world, providing outstanding graphics, security, adequate safety measures and a realistic gaming experience to its players.