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Casino table games are quite varied and include roulette and blackjack

By mr-casino on 2018-07-29 10:11:57

There are a number of different casino games at online casinos but the majority of them can be placed in either the category of casino slots or casino table games. There does not seem to be any fixed definition of what an online casino table game is but all card games and dice games are included as well as the ever popular roulette. Probably the best definition of what a table game is that it requires a table to play at. This clearly lets out casino games such as video poker. The choice of table games at an online casino is quite large and probably more than you can find in any land based casino. The most popular are roulette and blackjack for the simple reason that most people know how to play them or even if they don’t they are very easily learned. Roulette in particular is one of those casino games that you can play even if you have never set foot in a casino before or had an online casino account before. At a land based casino the croupier will show you where to place bets and at an online casino the casino software will not let you place a chip in the wrong place.

The good thing about roulette is that there are no good bets or bad bets meaning that, for example, if you want to place chips on two adjacent numbers it makes no difference whether you place one chip on both individual numbers or two chips on the dividing line between the two; the result will be the same if one of those numbers wins. The same applies to three numbers in a row. You can either place one chip on each of the three numbers or three chips at the end of the row and the result will be the same. Some online casino players have trouble believing this so let’s take a closer look. If you place a chip on each of three numbers in a row and one of those numbers is a winner it will pay out at 35:1. This means that the dealer will give you 35 chips which including the winning chip which remains on the table gives you 36 chips. If on the other hand you placed three chips on the row which includes a winning number the dealer will give you 33 chips as a row bet pays out at 11:1 and you placed three chips as a bet. Your winning bet of three chips also remains so in total you have the same 36 chips.

Online casino blackjack is a little more complicated if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning. The object of blackjack according to many online casinos is to have cards which total as close as possible to 21 without exceeding 21 or busting as it is known. Here at we think rather differently and suggest that the object of the game is to beat the dealer. This might not sound radically different but it is. In principle Blackjack is a 50/50 game as there is as much chance of the player having the higher hand or the dealer having the higher hand and in the event of a tie money is returned but the dealer has an advantage because the player always plays first. In any blackjack game at any online casino both the player and the dealer will go over 21 on numerous occasions but once the player has bust they have lost regardless of what happens or might have happened to the dealer. In other words the dealer might also bust after you have bust but you have still lost. This is the only edge that the dealer has in blackjack but it is an important one which you must try to use in your favour. In online casinos the blackjack dealer must always follow the strategy of drawing cards to 16 or less and standing on 17 or above. Clearly the chances of busting when drawing a card to 16 are quite high  (eight out of thirteen cards will make 22 or more) which means that if the dealer has 16 your chances of winning are quite good.

The problem is however that only one of the dealer’s cards is showing when you have to play your cards but if it is a six there is a good chance that the hand will end up being 15 or 16. If you consider that there is a good chance of the dealer busting you may want to play your cards slightly differently such as standing on 15 or 16 and it to see what happens. There is no requirement for the player to draw cards to 17, the player can stand on any number at all.  Bear this in mind when next playing the table game of blackjack and see if it makes difference.

There are plenty of other table games at online casinos such as Baccarat or Caribbean Stud which are a little less known but nevertheless great casino games. Baccarat is probably the strangest of all table games as it is believed to be the only card game where two hands are dealt and the dealer plays them both. This might sound strange but there are very strict rules about when a card is drawn and when not so there is actually no room for discretion by the dealer. As there are only two hands dealt there are only three possible outcomes which are for either hand to win or for the result to be a tie. The good thing is that as an online casino player you can place your wager on any of these outcomes. The hands are often referred to as the player and the banker but as you can bet on either it makes no difference. It is a quirk of the Baccarat that the banker is more likely to win than the player so you will notice that a deduction is made from your winnings if the banker does win.