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Casino table games covers a wide range of fun games

By mr-casino on 2013-10-31 07:43:00

At we have tried to make it easy for Irish casino players to find what they are looking for at their online casino and there are therefore have a number of different pages one of which is labelled casino table games and here you can find the description of a variety of casino games which are played with a special table. One of the most obvious table games is roulette which could not be played without the special table on which to place your bets but there are others such as blackjack or Caribbean stud poker which could in theory be played on any table as the only purpose of the table is to identify where your bets should be placed. In theory table games also includes dice games such as Sic Bo which provides a board on which to place your bets in a similar way to roulette and if you have never tried Sic Bo it is well worth giving it a go but do not be put off by the apparent complexity of the board layout as it is in fact a very simple game and there is a page to cover it at if you want a quick read about it first. Another table game which many Irish casino players have never tried is Baccarat and this is probably due to the mystery which surrounds this particular game and indeed if you went to watch a baccarat game with zero knowledge you would indeed wonder what on earth was going on. Baccarat is in fact one of the simplest casino table games around and it is available at all online casinos but it helps if you understand the counting of the cards which is explained in the description of baccarat on the site. Once you understand that, baccarat is a great table game and the good thing about it is that you get the chance to bet on the dealer winning.