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Casino table games provide alternatives to casino slots

By mr-casino on 2018-01-18 12:13:40

Although many Irish casino players love to play slots at their online casino there are plenty of casino table games available that provide alternative entertainment. Casino slots are of course good fun and there are huge amounts of cash to be won for a comparatively minor outlay but there is little if any interaction and the player has no influence over the result whereas at several of the table games you can influence the result very dramatically in your favour. All online casinos for example carry Blackjack as one of their table games and this is definitely a game where you can improve your chances of winning with a little thought. In particular encourages players to think about the basic purpose of the game which in some circles is quoted as being to get as close as possible to 21 without exceeding 21 which is known as going bust. has a slightly different approach and suggests that the purpose of the game is simply to beat the dealer and beating the dealer in this context does not necessarily mean having a higher hand. If you think about the game, there are only two hands dealt which must mean that each one has an equal chance of being the better one. In Blackjack even a tie results in your money back but the online casino must always have an edge and this is where you can make a difference.

The only advantage that the dealer has in online casino blackjack is that the player plays first. Following the dealers play of drawing a card on 16 or under and sticking on 17 or over will result in the hand going over 21 in a good percentage of occasions which can easily be between 25% and 30%. If you follow this same strategy as a player you are effectively handing that percentage of hands to the dealer. The dealers themselves might well also bust but the player has played first therefore what subsequently happens or might have happened to the dealers hand is irrelevant. To beat the dealer therefore the player must still be in the hand when the dealer busts. Do not forget that you can win the hand with any number as long as the dealer busts, you do not need to have 17 or over. Blackjack as played at online casinos would be an easy game if the player knew when the dealer was going bust but unfortunately that is not the case. There is however a clue to be had as the dealer is always showing one card and dealers at online casinos must follow the rules so we know that they will draw a card to 16 or under. It is also a fact that 5 of every 13 cards have a value of 9 or 10 which is nearly 40%. This combination makes a 5 or a 6 showing more likely to cause the dealer to bust than other cards. There are of course no guarantees but keeping your eyes open for this might help a little.

While Blackjack is one of the online casinos table games where the player can have an effect on the outcome the most popular of all table games is probably Roulette and that is a game where there is no influence at all. Some Irish casino players believe that they can gain an advantage by knowing which numbers have been coming in on recent spins but this is pure fiction. The Roulette numbers at online casinos are determined by a random number generator which means that every spin is completely random, just because there have been 12 consecutive red numbers does not mean that the next one has to be black. It is of course true that over time there will be just as many black numbers as red numbers but it is the definition of “over time” that is crucial. In 1 million spins there is a good chance that black and red numbers will be equal but over the duration of most players sessions that is highly unlikely. Roulette has another unique feature and that is that due to the odds paid there is no such thing as a good bet or a bad bet. The odds paid are in direct proportion to the number of numbers backed so whether you place your chips on 12 separate numbers or on a single column of 12 numbers or on 4 separate rows of three numbers, a win will result in you having the same number of chips at the end. The simplest way to play the online casino game of roulette is to place your chips on numbers you fancy, ignore what has gone before and be lucky.

Online casinos have other table games which are played less frequently but some such Baccarat can be very interesting. Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco in some online casinos such as All Irish Casino but it is the same game. For some strange reason Baccarat has had a reputation as being sophisticated and a game for high rollers but in actual fact it is possibly one of the simplest casino games around and is not at all sophisticated. There are only two hands dealt and there are three possible bets which are for either hand to win or for the result to be a tie so how difficult can it be? The two hands are called the player and the bank, although they could be called anything, and as the person placing bets is not touching the cards they can bet on either. The dealer actually plays both hands in Baccarat which sounds worrying but as there are strict rules which govern when a card is drawn and when not there is no room for discretion which also makes it an ideal online casino game as the software can be simply programmed. For all the reputation surrounding Baccarat all you do is place a bet on one of the hands and hope for the best.