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Casino table games provide many alternatives to casino slots

By mr-casino on 2017-12-01 10:48:38

Although many online casino players prefer to play casino slots there is a whole lot of fun to be had playing one of the many table games. These table games at online casinos comprise a great variety of different card games including Blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker while dice games include games such as Craps and Sic Bo and then of course there is the ever popular Roulette. Some of these table games are simplicity itself to play requiring no skill whatsoever while others such as Blackjack do require a little bit of thought to increase your chances of winning. The most popular amongst online casino table games is undoubtedly Roulette and probably for the simple reason that it is a game of pure luck. There is no such thing as a good bet or a bad bet and the payout odds are such that your rewards are totally proportionate to the number of numbers backed. has heard some Irish casino players say that it is better for example to place two separate bets on adjacent numbers rather on the split between the two. To explain this further let us assume that we want to place bets at our online casino on numbers 17 and 20 which are adjacent on the roulette table. This can be done in two ways. The first way is to place one chip on each of the two numbers and the second way is to place both chips on the line which divides the two numbers on the table. The single numbers pay out at 35:1 and the split pays out at 17:1. Either way of betting produces the same result if one of the numbers falls.

In the case of separate single bets whichever number wins will produce 35 chips from the dealer in addition to the winning bet which was one chip leaving you with 36 chips. In the case of the split bet it will pay at 17:1 but you had two chips on the line so you will receive 34 chips from the dealer but your bet of two chips is a winning bet which remains so the result is 2 plus 34 which is 36 or exactly the same as the two individual bets. This theory is true all over the board. If you wanted to place best on 12 numbers you could place 12 individual bets and if one of them dropped you would end up with 36 chips as in the above example. If however you chose to bet on the 12 numbers in a single column you would have placed your 12 chips at the bottom of one of the columns on the table. Columns pay at odds of only 2:1 which would result in 24 chips from the dealer but your winning bet stays which means you have the same 36 chips. Online casino roulette is so popular for this reason and most players will simply spread their bets around and hope for the best which is as good a strategy as any.

Blackjack at an online casino does sometimes have a few varieties but the best game remains the original which is played at casinos all over the world. Again has heard some Irish casino players quote the object of the game as being to get as close as possible to 21 without busting which is going over 21. disputes this and thinks that a better definition of the object of Blackjack is simply to beat the dealer which is not the same thing at all. It must be assumed that the player has as much chance as the dealer of having a winning hand and in the event of a tie you get your money back which begs the question what is the house edge? The answer to this is that as the player you must play before the dealer and if you bust you lose automatically. There is of course as much chance of the dealer going bust as the player but if the player has already busted it is irrelevant. The secret of winning at online casino blackjack is to still be around when the dealer does go bust and if this happens you win regardless of what you have in your hand. If your hand is 12 and you choose to stand and the dealer who must draw a card to 16 or under goes bust then you win.

This sounds simple but of course it is not as the only clue you have as to whether the dealer might bust or not is the single dealer card that is showing. The weakest hand a dealer can have is when they are showing a 5 or a 6. Blackjack players at online casinos know that there are 4 cards with a value of ten in every deck which is around 30%. When a dealer is showing a 6 therefore there is a 30% chance that they will end up with 16 or a 38% of them ending up with 15 or 16.On 16 the dealer must draw a card and there are 8 of the 13 cards in the deck which will make them bust or around 61%. If the dealer ends up with 15 or 6 the odds are in your favour but you have to be still in the game to profit from it. Online casino blackjack is all about probability but there is still no guarantee of a win.

These are just a couple of the table games available at online casinos but there are many other which are worth trying. There are simple dice games such a Sic Bo which again requires no skill and is as much a numbers game as roulette. The table used to place bets looks a bit complicated at first sight but that is simply because all the possible bets are there. Try free casino play for a couple of minutes and you will soon grasp it. Craps can be a little more complicated in terms of where and when to place bets but many online casinos have pretty good explanations of that particular table game.