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Casino winning margins vary by type of casino game

By mr-casino on 2017-12-13 16:08:09

There is no difference between an online casino and an internet casino any more than there is a difference between internet shopping and online shopping but strangely enough very few if any people refer to an internet casino. This is exactly the opposite to a cafe where we always refer to an internet cafe and never to an online cafe probably because an online cafe would be difficult to get a drink in. Online casinos however also have something which does not seem to make sense and that is live casino. Live in this sense suggests that whatever is happening is happening as you look at it but that is of course true of any online casino action. What the live casino is trying to say is that there are people involved rather than simply a random number generator which is used in normal online casino play so maybe a better description would be live dealer casino. It could not be called real casino because most live casino options are not streamed from a real casino at all but rather from a room somewhere, often in Eastern Europe, which has been equipped with the necessary tables and of course cameras. There are three online casinos that knows of where the live casino is in an actual casino building and they are All Irish Casino, NO Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino. In each case the live casino is streamed from Malta and although it is still a room which is separate from the actual casino it is at least in the same building.

The original idea of having a live casino was to more closely simulate an actual casino by having real dealers but unfortunately what is missing is the atmosphere. There is something about an actual casino with people milling around and getting excited that cannot be repeated online. There is a certain amount of enjoyment that can be had by people watching in a casino even if you are not gambling yourself but of course playing casino games for real money is much more exciting. The live casino option at online casinos unfortunately misses this as you are only able to see the table and the dealer and nothing else even when other people are playing. This does not seem to upset many folk who play at the live casino as their reason for choosing it is probably different from the original idea. There are those Irish casino players who think that the random number generator used in online casinos are somehow rigged against the player and as a consequence they prefer to see a dealer dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. Whilst this doubt is understandable any good online casino such as any of those listed at have very regular checks carried out on their RNGs to make sure that they are producing random results. The other point is that the online casino has no real reason to attempt to fiddle with the RNG even if it was possible as they always have a margin anyway on any casino game.

The margin on casino games at online casinos does vary from game to game and speaking in very general terms the relationship between your bet level and the possible win level influences the margin. For example Blackjack has a very limited maximum win versus stake level and is in fact 3:2 which are the odds paid for a Blackjack. The margin for the casino is also correspondingly small. It is difficult to state exactly what that margin is but when you think about the game of Blackjack the only advantage that the dealer has is that the player is playing first and if they bust they lose despite the fact that the dealer might also bust later on. This margin is quite small. With Roulette on the other hand it is possible to win on a single number at odds of 35:1. The margin here is clearer as there are 37 numbers including the zero but the payout is only 35:1. Be careful of American Roulette as that casino game has two zeros but a single number win still pays 35:1. The margin for the online casino in American Roulette is therefore much higher so it should be avoided if at all possible. The greatest margins at online casinos are on casino slots where it is possible to have huge wins with small stakes. The margins on casino slots also vary and they are generally phrased as a payout percentage. A 96% percent payout for example means that on average for €100 staked, €95 will be paid out by the machine. These are averages over a long period of time and of course include jackpots where applicable so do not expect to get back €95 very time that you bet €100 as that is not the way it works. You might get nothing or an awful lot but that is what casino slots are all about. The payout percentages at online casinos are almost certainly going to be better than at land based casinos for the simple reason that overheads are lower and you can see that for yourself if you are fortunate enough to have been to a land based casino where the payout percentage can often be found quoted on the front of the machine. This is often as low as 75% to 80% where as online casino slots are almost always above 90% and sometimes around 95%. This is quite a difference.

All Irish Casino even goes as far as to quote the payout percentages for the live casino with Roulette being over 97%, Punto Banco being over 98% and Blackjack being over 99.3% based on playing a perfect strategy. Punto Banco by the way is the same casino game as Baccarat but some casinos call it one and some the other. This variation in payout percentage is what makes online casino attractive as if you want large returns you must take large risks but if you are happy with smaller returns then play those games with a small casino margin.