Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casinocasino for double the online casino fun

By mr-casino on 2018-08-14 16:26:21

Although Ireland is well endowed with online casinos there are no real Irish land casinos which is a great shame as many people would enjoy the excitement and entertainment of visiting somewhere like that. Several other European countries do have them but it seems Ireland must make do with online casinos. The closest thing to a land based casino is the live casino option which virtually every online casino has these days but even this does not really fit the bill as part of the fun of visiting an actual casino is being able to see other people playing. At the live casino option of an online casino it is not possible to see anybody else or their bets. The only similarities are that there is a real dealer with whom it is possible to communicate and you can actually see the cards being dealt or the roulette ball spinning round the wheel. In relative terms the very large majority of Irish casino players seem to prefer the regular online casino with few trying out the live casino. Those that do resort to the live casino are probably doing so because they have lost faith in the random number generator which is used at online casinos to determine the next card or roulette number but in actual fact your chances are exactly the same whether you are at the regular online casino or the live version.

One of the favourite online casinos of is and it appears as number three in the top ten. Many Irish casino players prefer casino slots which are relatively easy to follow and fulfils this need by having a number of slots which are three reels only. The principle casino software used at casinocasino comes from a casino software company called Amatic Industries. That company has been in the casino slots industry for many years but always concentrated on producing slots for clubs and casinos which are cabinet style slots and tend to be simpler than some of the online casino slots that you can come across. Already having the technology Amatic decided to enter the online casino software market and was born. They teamed up with an existing and experienced company in Malta and after extensive testing and the acquisition of the relevant licenses brought the casino to market with the software being called Amanet. Even when there are five reels the Amanet slots can be very simple to follow such as “Bells on Fire”. There are 40 winning lines but because there are so few symbols it is still easy to follow and see what is going on. There are on this slot only six different fruits plus 7s and BARs. Bells are wild and stars pay regardless of whether they are on a winning line or not. Playing this slot should mean there are no surprises apart from the amount which can be won.

Another very simple slot from Amanet is called All Ways Fruits which has 7 fruits symbols plus 7s and bonus symbols. On this online casino slot however there are double symbols which double your win. The slot is called All Ways as the winning symbols can be on any line as long as they start on the left. There are no winning lines as such with this format. If you have three matching symbols anywhere on reels one, two and three then you win and if there is a double feature anywhere the payout is double. The bonus feature makes it even more interesting. Three bonus symbols anywhere on the screen triggers 7 free spins, four bonus symbols gives 10 free spins and 5 bonus symbols triggers 15 free spins. In the free spins game the fruits really do pay out anywhere without the need to start on the left. This means matching symbols on reels 3,4 and 5 wins as does matching symbols on reels one, two, three and five. It is amazing how quickly the money goes up when this mode is being played and yet it i an easy to follow online casino slot.

Amanet is not the only casino software in use at There is also a good selection of slots from MIcrogamng such as Battlestar Galactica™ which is anything but simple to follow as there are 243 winning lines and suddenly the play mode shifts on you. When this happens you find that winning lines not only pay from left to right but also from right to left and instead of all reels rotating top to bottom, some of them go bottom to top. All of this makes it very difficult to follow bt some players still like the slot. Jackpots are also included at such as Arabian Nights™ which is an online casino slot from NetEnt casino software and where the jackpot regularly runs to over €2 million. As you can see, Casino has come a long way in a short time and now offers a great range of entertainment for Irish casino players.

Non slots players are of curse not forgotten and there is a huge selection of roulette and blackjack games including the interesting double exposure blackjack. If you are a Blackjack player you may well find Double Exposure interesting. One of the big decisions to be made at regular Blackjack at the online casino is when to stand on a number below 17 in the hope that the dealer will bust. Unfortunately there is only one clue as to when this might happen and that is the single card from the dealer hand that is showing. In Double Exposure, however, both the dealers cards are showing so even before you play your hand you know what the dealer has. This clearly makes decision making much easier at both ends of the scale. If dealer is showing 17 and you have 16 in your hand you are going to take the risk and hit which might pay off. Conversely if the dealer is showing 16 you may well decide to stand on 14. The downside of this online casino blackjack game is that a tie is no longer a push, it is a win for the dealer.