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Casinocasino is a new and interesting internet casino with good software

By mr-casino on 2017-02-28 12:22:19

It may seem strange but some people still refer to an online casino as an internet casino which it strictly speaking is although the more commonly used term is online casino and if you search internet casino on Google you will end up with all the same pages as you would if you searched online casino or online casinos. There are many internet casinos or online casinos available to the Irish casino player as fortunately there are no laws preventing their use as there are in several other countries including some quite large ones such as the United States. There are also other countries closer to home such as The Netherlands where the Government doesn’t ban them exactly but makes sure that all available sites are Government controlled being somehow a subsidiary of Holland casino. This is also true of other online gambling sites where access is denied if you are using a Dutch IP address. Fortunately Irish casino players are free to select any of those available and there are quite a few which can in itself make selection difficult but help is at hand in the form of This website has been around for a number of years and aims to help would be Irish casino players stay out of trouble and choose a safe online casino at which to play. As with anything to do with the internet there are bound to be sites which are not all they appear to be and especially with online casinos it is very easy to lose your money before you realise but there are ways to make sure that you are at least playing at an honest site.

The first thing to do is check whether the internet casino is correctly licensed in a territory which is recognised. These include such places as Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and the channel Islands to name a few but this is not an exhaustive list. Beware online casinos that claim to be licensed in some obscure South American country. The easiest way is to select from one of the online casinos listed at as they have all been checked. For UK readers that happen to have landed at this site there are separate licensing requirements to operate in your country but rest assured that if the site is listed and is available in the UK then it is licensed to operate there. Other clues to a good online casino  include such things as the casino software which is being used and this should be from a well known supplier such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech but again there are others which are also perfectly good and often used in conjunction with one of the larger casino software suppliers.

An interesting internet casino has come to the attention of and which is currently number 2 in the recommended list breaks this traditional thinking and uses casino software from a company called Amatic Industries which operates online under the name of Amanet. The online casino is question is called which claims to offer twice the fun and hence the name. It is a bit like New York, New York so good they named it twice. Amanet is not new to the casino industry as it has been operating casino slots for a number of years but the name will not be familiar as they have until now focussed entirely on the cabinet style slots which can be found in clubs around the country as well as in casinos around the world. These same slots games are now available online at and is it is believed to be the only online casino to carry these casino slots at the moment. It could be that more online casinos pick up on this selection of casino slots in the future.

The online casino is licensed in Malta and unusually it has a live casino option which is broadcast from an actual casino building on the Island of Malta in combination with the Portomaso Casino. The casino games available at the lie casino are roulette, blackjack and Punto Banco and there are tables to suit most people’s stakes large or small. One of the advantages of coming from a background of cabinet slots is that the more simple slots are still available so instead of only having complicated 5 reel slots there are also a number of easy to follow 3 reel slots such as Hot 27™. This particular casino slot at uses the traditional fruit and bar symbols with wilds and is on a 3 by 3 matrix with 27 winning lines. This means that three matching symbols anywhere on the screen will result in a win. These simple casino slots also do not require you to select the number of lines you are playing. Just select the stake per spin and you automatically have all 27 lines in play. The whole idea is simplicity and it definitely works. There are of course casino slots for those that prefer 5 reels so for example one that might appeal to Irish casino slots players is Magic Forest™ which includes four leaf clovers, magic mushrooms, leprechauns as wild symbols and pots of gold as scatters which also initiate bonus spins once three are achieved anywhere on the screen. Wins in the bonus spins round are automatically trebled and it is possible to trigger more bonus spins when in the bonus rounds which is when winning s really start to accelerate. This casino slot at is still in essence a simple five reel slot having 11 winning lines but is easy to follow and great fun. Another casino slot worth a try is Tweety Birds™ where interestingly enough the cats are wild but the good thing is that they often appear in large numbers which makes virtually everything a winning line which is good for the player. is new on the block as indeed is the casino software in use but this is a good time to get in there and try it.