Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casinos have become very popular since the online casino was invented

By mr-casino on 2018-04-08 16:43:17

Irish people in general like to have a little flutter and although horse racing has been popular for many years, casinos are becoming more and more so. Many European countries have had casinos for years but in Ireland it is the revolution in online casinos that has triggered the popularity. Online casinos are no longer new as they have been around for many years but there have certainly been advances in the technology in the casino software that has made new games possible as well as making older games more interesting. The traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack have not really changed that much although there have been some alternative blackjack games such as Double Exposure Blackjack in which both of the dealers cards are visible. As this is a big advantage for the player there is the compensation that the dealer wins in the event of a tie whereas in normal blackjack play it would be a push. Perhaps the greatest advances have been in the area of casino slots where we have gone from simple three reel slots to the multiple winning line five reel slots of today. The latest invention is not attaching the symbols to reels at all and instead having them all independent from each other. There a couple of casino slots from the casino software company NetEnt which use this technique and it does make for interesting slots with a difference.

The first one to look at is called Gonzo’s Quest™ which can be found at All Irish Casino and several other online casinos listed at is an Aztec themed slot with the symbols carved onto blocks of stone. There are several things different about this casino slot and the blocks is just one of them as when they form part of a winning line they explode. The fact that all blocks are independent means that after the blocks have exploded the ones above them can drop down to take their place with any in the top row being replaced. At the same time as this happens there is a win multiplier which moves along to 2X so that if the new arrangement of blocks results in a another win then this will pay double. This all happens automatically so there is no need to add any additional funds and what is more it does not stop at 2X. The win multiplier will move to 3Xand then 5X with successive wins but there is no limit to successive wins which can be achieved. Perhaps the greatest thing about Gonzo’s Quest™ however is the intrepid explorer Gonzo himself who keeps an eye in things from the sidelines. Spending most of his time scratching his beard he will take great pleasure in a big win. Perhaps more importantly if you manage to trigger the free spins he will escort you through to a different game where the win multiplier starts at 3X and moves up to 15X. In this mode you can get some pretty good wins and Gonzo will remove his helmet to help you gather up the gold coins that come cascading over the blocks. There is a lot of fun to be had at this casino slot.

Talking of fun there is another new casino on the block called Fun Casino which is run by an experienced team and focuses on making sure that playing at casinos remains fun. Many casinos and other gambling companies use the phrase “When the fun stops, stop” because that is what they agreed to do but Fun Casino really tries hard to put it into practice. Playing at casinos can only be fun if the players are playing within their means ad with money that they can afford to lose. The problem is of course that it is only the individual that can determine what they can afford to lose. Somebody earning 6 figure sums might not turn a hair at losing a bet of €100 in a single spin but for others that might be the difference between eating and not eating and casinos have no idea. Fun Casino does what it can by encouraging all players to set limits on play which can be stake size or deposit size or even length of playing time. These limits once set can be changed downwards with immediate effect but can only be increased with 7 days notice thus protecting the players from irrational behaviour. Fun Casino goes one step farther by imposing standard limits on those new players that refuse to set their own limits. This might sound rather heavy handed but is all done to protect individuals and ensure that casino play remains fun. The casino is licensed in Malta as are many online casinos as well as in the UK for players from there.

Choosing one casino from the many casinos that are available to Irish casino players is not an easy task and you may have to try a few before you arrive at your favourite but at least by sticking to the recommendation list at you will have a safe and honest online casino. Different casinos use different casino software although as there are far more casinos than there are casino software packages it is inevitable that some overlap will occur and the same casino games will appear at several of the casinos. This is not a problem at all and in fact it can be appositive advantage when it comes to progressive jackpots building up. The final decision is likely to depend on how you feel you are treated at the registration stage and what sort of casino bonus is being offered. Some online casinos such as No Bonus Casino or Freespins casino do not offer a special bonus for new players as that is inevitably a one off. They prefer instead to have offers for all players on every deposit no matter how long you have been a member which strikes as being a much better bet.