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By mr-casino on 2014-04-13 14:25:54 introduced No Bonus Casino to Irish casino players a few months ago and we are pleased to see that although there is the alternative to the casino bonus it is attracting players. It was always going to take a while for something so different to gain the confidence of Irish casino players but at the end of the day whether you receive a bonus or cash refund when you first join an online casino is not really the thing that should worry you as that is always going to be a one off and if you intend to continue playing then the quality of the online casino and the games offered are far more important. Online casinos all use what is called casino software in order to run the games and as there are more online casinos than casino software suppliers it is inevitable that some online casinos will use the same software and so it is with No Bonus casino which uses software developed by one of the major suppliers in NetEnt which is also used by All Irish Casino which is another great online casino introduced to the Irish casino playing public by is not a charitable organisation but it does not make money directly from casino players but from the online casinos themselves and the most important thing about is that it does not run any form of online casino itself which means that if a recommendation is made, it is made independently and because those at think it is a good recommendation. There are of course many online casinos from which to choose so following the advice of is a good place to start as you can be sure that at least those online casinos are correctly licensed and registered and that they operate fair casino games.