Casino and online casino list for Ireland is a good place to start with an online casino

By mr-casino on 2013-10-15 16:43:47

If you are thinking about starting up an online casino account then by landing at you have come to the right place as although does not operate an online casino it is in a position to advise you where to start and in fact not operating an online casino is the very reason why you can get independent advice. has been in operation for a number of years and it is specialized in the online casino market for Irish casino players. There are numerous online casinos available to the Irish casino playing public but they are not all equal and as with any other online transaction it pays to be a little bit cautious and in the case of online casinos you should only choose from those which are properly licensed and registered. You may not know what licenses and registrations are required or indeed which authorities are good or not but fortunately has done that work for you and has a list of recommendations all of which are properly licensed. It is also important in your online casino selection to make sure that any details which you provide are secure and there are organizations to which online casinos can voluntarily belong which improve or guarantee fair and honest casino games. The list at is a short one with only eight names and even amongst those eight there are a top three making it much simpler for a new casino player to make a choice. The final choice will of course depend on personal preference and what type of casino game you want to play coupled with which of the several casino graphics you prefer but as long as you stick to one of those recommended you will not go far wrong. Whichever you choose wishes you the best of luck.