Casino and online casino list for Ireland is here to help you enjoy your online gaming experience.

By mr-casino on 2010-11-20 10:16:12

Here at we take a lot of time and trouble to make sure as far as we can that your online gaming experience is a good one by selecting the best of the hundreds of online casinos available. Your security is important to you as is the knowledge that you are playing in a casino where the random number generators are indeed random and are regularly checked by outside specialists and where the casino is licensed and regulated by known experts such as Gibraltar or Malta. We would also like to you have a good chance of winning as although that should not be the prime objective of playing at an online casino it is always very welcome and after all somebody somewhere has to win all those jackpots. Most games are pure luck but in some games there is an element of skill and that is why we include some occasional tips to help you along the way; we wish we could guarantee you luck but we can’t. We would also like to keep you away from gambling more than you can comfortably afford as that is no benefit to you as a player or the online casino or indeed us at We scour the news to bring you the latest about online gambling with of course particular emphasis on Ireland although we now that our pages are read in many different countries. Ireland is recognised as being a land of gamblers which in a way is strange as there are no official casinos in the country but the horses and the dogs are very high profile and with the advent of online casinos who needs them anyway? We only list 6 online casinos on this site as we are very particular about who we promote so if you like what you see, link through to any of them and open an account, it might be a whole new world for you..