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Cheating at Baccarat is in the casino news

By mr-casino on 2013-05-26 08:12:43

The general casino news is full of a law suit filed against Crockfords casino in London by top poker player Phil Ivey. The dispute is in the casino news because Ivey claims to have won nearly $12 million playing Baccarat but the casino refuses to pay out claiming that he was cheating. Anyone who has played Baccarat will know that the player never touches the cards but the casino game which is the same as at online casinos does permit the player to bet on either the player or the bank which means that if it was possible to identify which hand was stronger the player could win every time. According to the casino news Crockfords claims that Mr Ivey identified that the backs of the cards being used were in fact not symmetrical and he was asking the dealer to rotate high cards (7,8,9 in baccarat) before returning them to the deck and then to have the cards shuffled in an automatic shuffling machine which does not turn the cards. In this way it would have been possible for Mr Ivey to identify high cards in the shoe giving him an advantage. Needless to say Mr Ivey is in the casino news denying any misconduct by saying “Any allegations of wrongdoing by Crockfords are denied by me in the very strongest of terms”. The casino news is always full of players trying to cheat but this one is certainly something new and it remains to be seen who the courts believe. Baccarat is available as an online casino game and can usually also be found in the live casino sections but does not believe it is possible to gain an advantage at an online casino such as that described by Crockfords in the casino news.