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Cheating in the casino news once more

By mr-casino on 2011-11-11 09:05:39

People in casinos have been trying to cheat ever since Josef Jagger allegedly broke the bank in Monte Carlo by finding that a roulette wheel is never perfectly symmetrical and that certain numbers do come up more frequently over time than others but a question has been raised in the Irish casino news as to whether Irish casinos could detect some of the more sophisticated scams that are being used these days. Only recently an article appeared in the casino news about a group of Italians who won over €40,000 at a French casino by wearing special contact lenses that could see otherwise invisible markings on the back of cards to know when the dealer had poor cards but of course this requires an insider to mark the cards in the first place. Every time we read about something like this in the casino news we realise how much better online casinos are for the casino industry although even there you have to be aware if you are playing with other players at a table. Some other simple attempts at cheating in the Irish casino news include placing a late bet on the roulette table but this never works as the cameras above the table will reveal all if the croupier or supervisor does not spot it and both are trained to do so. The Managing Director of the Fitzwilliam card club in Dublin was recently interviewed in the Irish casino news about players trying all sorts of things to gain an advantage including card counting which actually is not illegal although it is frowned upon but it rarely works anyway as the multi deck games and regular shuffling of the cards makes it virtually impossible to gain any kind of major advantage. He did however seem fairly relaxed about the possibility of a major scam being a problem suggesting in the casino news that the effort and planning that would be needed to set up something major would require huge betting to make it worthwhile which would in itself probably set alarm bells ringing..