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Cheating in the Irish casino news again

By mr-casino on 2012-09-06 09:57:45

The Irish casino news this week focuses on a couple of incidents being reported where cheating at land based casinos in Ireland was involved and strangely enough only one involved a customer as the other was apparently an inside job. The first incident reported in the casino news comes from Limerick where a female dealer was apparently sacked from her job as a dealer after a customer was ejected after being found to be cheating at her table and although there was no suggestion of collusion she was deemed not to have fulfilled her duty to prevent cheating at her table. Fortunately online casinos do not have this problem but the outcome according to the Irish casino news was that the lady in question was awarded an unfair dismissal payment because the court suspected that the real reason for the dismissal was that she was pregnant and the company also did not follow correct procedures in terms of warnings. In another incident also reported in the Irish casino news is an incident involving the theft of casino chips by a dealer which took place in Dublin. Although the sums were not large and reportedly only involved some €1200 the dealer was caught in possession of €100 chips and admitted to stealing on three separate occasions. According to the Irish casino news the dealer was experienced having been in the industry for some 15 years but had gotten into financial difficulty but what we cannot understand here at is how he intended to convert chips into cash as turning up at the cashier of the casino would seem a bit obvious; the question has not been answered in the casino news. In a rather strange end the dealer has not been jailed but has agreed to pay back all of the cash and make a donation of €1000 to Gamblers Anonymous. The Irish casino news seems to suggest that it is easier to cheat at a land based casino than an online casino so stick to your online casino and stay out of trouble.