Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Check the casino software in use at your online casino

By mr-casino on 2017-05-31 11:01:26

When choosing an online casino the casino software being used will be influential as it provides the casino games that you enjoy so it is imperative that you find an online casino with respected casino software such as NetEnt, Microgaming or Playtech although there are others which are just as respectable but offer a smaller range of casino games such as NYX or Amanet. Just as important or even maybe more important is where the online casino is based and this has been highlighted recently by the scandal in UK football betting. So many football clubs these days have shirts sponsored by betting firms or those which have online casinos but are they worth gambling at? For example West Bromwich Albion has a shirt sponsor called which sounds a bit strange but it is actually an online casino operator that is based in China where incidentally online casinos are banned. Do you really want to play at an online casinos based in China? What happens if things do not work or you have a grievance? How about Hull City who have a shirt sponsor called SportPesa, does anybody known where they are based? knows and can tell Irish casino players that it is based in Nairobi. Anybody who watches Premier League football will recognise the shirt sponsor Dafabet from both Sunderland and Burnley but did you know they are based in the Philippines? cannot say that these online casinos are dishonest or badly run but there is no need for Irish casino players to run the risk as there are plenty of good online casinos which are correctly licensed and located in well established territories such as Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands and these are the ones which are recommended. Online casinos do not need to be large to satisfy the needs of most casino players but they do need to offer a good range of casino games so the likes of All Irish Casino which is top of the list uses more than one casino software. The NetEnt casino software for example has lots of entertaining casino slots and large jackpots but Microgaming is the casino software with huge progressive jackpots so those are included as well. All Irish Casino is also particularly liked due to the simple language that is used. Obviously all online casinos need rules and terms and conditions to protect themselves from those who would try to play unfairly but sometimes they are written in what we call “legalese” which is a language designed to confuse the general public rather than help them. All Irish Casino tries hard to avoid this.

CasinoCasino is next on the list and this online casino uses exclusively casino software from Amatic Industries under the name Amatic. Few people have heard of Amatic but they have actually been in the casino slots business for a long time. The reason that they are relatively unknown is because until recently they have been focussed on cabinet style machines which are exclusively land based or you might find them on a ship or a ferry where players will recognise the title but have no idea who created the software. You will probably have noticed when opening a casino slot at your favourite online casino that the name of the casino software providing the game is often mentioned so you may well recognise the name. This does not happen on cabinet style machines. Amatic Industries decided to progress from this and to enter the online casino market by creating their own online casino. They did not of course do this alone as they enlisted the help of some industry experts and was born. This is an online casino that goes out of its way to ensure data is secure and that the random number generator in use is regularly inspected by an outside body to ensure fair gaming. There is also a live casino option which is streamed from the premises of an actual casino in Malta. is a great addition to the range of online casinos available to Irish casino players.

Playtech casino software can be found at the very well known Paddy Power casino which comes in at 4 on the list and is obviously a very well respected name in the online gaming industry. The best known names in Playtech casino software are probably Jackpot Giant™ and Gladiator™ both of which are progressive jackpot  games but although these jackpots are a good amount of money they are unlikely to reach the heights of the progressive jackpot slots offered by Microgaming. The reason for this is simply that not enough online casinos use the Playtech casino software. Multiple users of a casino software is particularly useful when it comes to progressive jackpots as every spin on a slot contributes a miniscule amount to the jackpot. Casino software suppliers also link several casino slots together for jackpot purposes which is why you often see the identical size of the jackpot on various slots but the important thing is that the more online casinos that use the software the more players are playing the slot and therefore the quicker the jackpot will climb. This also goes some way to explain why online casinos are so happy when one of their players hits one of these huge jackpots when you might expect them to be upset and the share price to crash. The truth is that because there are several different online casinos contributing to the jackpot pool it is the casino software company that looks after it. When a player from an online casino wins the jackpot it is paid from the pool so it costs the online casino nothing more than it has already contributed but on the other hand it can get all the advertising it likes and try to attract new players by suggesting that they too could be winning such large amounts.