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Chips and fries in the casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-10-03 15:12:47

There are often reports in the general casino news about people gambling with money which they have either borrowed or stolen but latest reports from Manchester in England is yet another twist. Apparently according to casino news reports members of staff from a McDonalds restaurant on Oxford Street in the city used takings from the fast food giant to place high stakes bets at the casino across the road owned by Genting casino and the unique bit is when they won they put the takings back in the safe at the shop and kept the winnings with the relationship between a casino and a restaurant causing predictable headlines about chips. The whole thing was of course bound to collapse as soon as they started losing and sure enough when a security van driver discovered that money was missing the game was up. The frequency of stories in the casino news suggests that land based casinos are always the target rather than online casinos as people can walk into land based casinos with cash and gamble with no questions asked whereas an online casino will always require registration and sometimes even proof of identity although that is mostly targeted at preventing underage gambling. In further world casino news it is reported that PayPal has started testing payment systems for online casinos in the USA which it withdrew from in 2003 after online gambling was effectively banned. Since that time three states have legalised online poker once more with the possibility of online casinos to follow. PayPal is anxious to increase revenues since the recent split from eBay and there is no doubt that the online casino industry in the US represents a massive opportunity even though it is not yet completely legal across the country which is why PayPal isists it is only testing at the moment.