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Choose a suitable casino deposit method

By mr-casino on 2011-11-13 13:09:06

It is an accepted fact that many online casino players or online gamblers of any description prefer to keep their activity private and indeed many will never speak about it unless they have a great win and this is to be respected even though online gambling is a very normal thing to do but selecting the wrong casino deposit method could compromise this privacy. Let us first say that none of the online casinos that we have on site here at would ever divulge any information about their players and their security and encryption are first class but if you use a credit card for example as a casino deposit method your card issuer which is often your bank will know about it and the transaction will appear on the printed copy of your statement when it comes to paying it which could compromise your privacy. Even when using a debit card the transaction will appear on your bank statement.  For many this is not an issue but if it is, you need to use a different deposit method. Using the one of the many e-wallets that are available is a good alternative deposit method as all your credit card or debit card issuer or bank will know is that you have made a purchase on the internet; there is of course a record on your e-wallet account but as this is an online account there is no hard copy and the account can only be accessed by someone with the password. The best casino deposit method for privacy is without doubt using cash but this is only available from two of our recommended online casinos in Ireland and they are of course Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. Each has slightly different methods of depositing but in principle you can walk into a betting shop and hand cash over the counter and have it credited directly to your online account and by the time you get home there it is ready to be played..