Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Choose an honest online casino not a rigged one

By mr-casino on 2014-07-22 10:34:46

In a follow on from the article of July 20th covering the subject of rigging in online casinos there was a promise to look at to see how that site can help you avoid the pitfall of a rigged online casino. It was already stated that there are some obvious signs of a dubious online casino such as the wrong registration territory or the wrong casino software such as COA World Entertainment which is based in Venezuela but there are also those that try to suggest that they are members of some organisation that guarantees fair play such as the Ethical Online Gaming Commission which sounds great but is effectively nothing. When selecting an online casino you have the choice of checking out each one or the simple way is simply to follow the recommendations of who have already done the checking out for you. actually goes one step further and looks at the range of casino games which are available and also looks at some of the new casino slots that come along and plays them to see what they are like and with this information comes up with a top three although there are in total seven perfectly good online casinos listed on the site from which to choose. The good news is that does operate any form of online casino itself which allows it to be independent in its judgement of online casinos which can only benefit the consumer and this is possible reflected in the choice of the top three online casinos, one of which is a little known (at the moment) online casino called All Irish Casino. This online casino is a little gem using NetEnt casino software which has good range of casino games and it is a very straight talking casino. If you are looking for the casino jackpots that run into the millions then All Irish Casino is not for you but if you are looking for good entertainment in a safe and honest environment then follow the recommendations of