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Choose an online casino for the New Year

By mr-casino on 2019-01-01 10:23:07

Here we are in 2019 and today is a holiday for most Irish people so there could be no better time to register with an internet casino and set yourself up for loads of fun and entertainment in the year to come. Online casinos are not just about making money although that possibility is an added incentive.Many Irish casino players are just playing for fun and as with any form of entertainment can cost money but many will consider the pluses and minuses of staying in versus going out. A meal in a restaurant costs a lot of money these days but cooking at home is a lot cheaper and the money saved can be used to play any of your favourite casino games where you are not only being entertained but you have a chance of making a profit. Playing at a good online casino can also be family entertainment as there is no need to play for real money. Really good online casinos such as allow free play for as long as you like which means for example that you could take it in turns to use the play money provided for 20 spins on the roulette wheel and see who ends up with the most cash at the end. You could repeat this many times over making a note of the result each time. You could go out and buy a roulette game but why bother when allows you to do the same thing.

There are of course other casino games where you can create your own competitions such as casino slots and you could add another level to the competition by allowing each player to choose their own casino slot at which to play. has hundreds of slots to choose from as they use a selection of different casino software suppliers including major players such as Microgaming and NetEnt. Most casino slots also have an auto play mode which enables you to set the number of spins for each round. Music can also be a major part of the entertainment so whether you go for opera such as the ever popular Phantom of the Opera™ slot or rock with Guns n’ Roses. Both are available as video slots at If it is simple fun you are looking for then try Gonzo’s Quest™. This is an Aztec themed slot where Gonzo is an explorer hunting for gold and the symbols are engraved on stone blocks. When a winning combination is achieved the stone blocks involved in that win explode and any blocks above them drop down with the top row being replaced but more importantly there is a win multiplier which moves from 1X to 2X so that if the new arrangement of blocks results in a further win, its value is doubled. It does not stop there, however, as subsequent wins will move the win multiplier to 3X and 5X which can turn a modest win into something very substantial.  You will notice that Gonzo is ever present watching what is going on and although he is inactive most of the time simple standing around scratching his beard watch out if you get a good size win. He will suddenly jump into action and rush in to help you scoop up the gold coins by removing his helmet and catching them in it.

Best of all is when you hit the free spins mode by getting three free spins symbols. When this happens the playing screen parts and Gonzo escorts you through to a different screen where realy big money is available. In free spins mode all wins are automatically trebled by means of the win multiplier which starts at 3X. As in the normal game the win multiplier will move on successive wins but in this game it starts at 3X and moves to 6X, 9X and finally to 15X which will provide very large wins indeed. Upon returning to the original game Gonzo will once again help to scoop up the coins. Online casino slots do not need to be complicated and there are players who like the idea of being able to follow what is going on which is very difficult on some of the more complicated video slots that have many winning lines in different patterns. caters for those players as well by using slots from the casino software company Amanet. Amanet has casino slots which still use simple fruit symbols and limited winning lines such as Bells on Fire Rombo™. This slot actually has a possible 720 ways to win but it is basically very simple in that matching symbols can be anywhere on the reels going from left to right. There are no complicated patterns to follow and it is very straightforward. You can even try to increase your winnings by gambling the wins on cards either by playing red/black or by selecting one of the four suits. You can gamble as many times as you like if you are feeling lucky. The one drawback about casino slots produced by Amanet is that free play is limited but even that is not a huge problem as by simply logging out of the game and then logging in agin will refresh everything and you can carry on playing.

As you can see, playing at an online casino can be both good fun as well as providing the chance of winning real cash and that cash can be enormous if you elect to play some of the progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah™ These casino slots have jackpots which run into the millions of Euro and who knows when they will drop. They will drop and somebody will win ad it could be you and it could be today. What a New Year present that would be. There are other online casinos available but you are advised to select from the recommended list at as this will guarantee that you are playing at a correctly licensed and well run honest online casino.