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By mr-casino on 2011-10-08 13:15:15

Welcome to where we try to guide you to a safe and reliable online casino experience as well as giving you a few tips which might improve your chances of winning in certain casino games. There are a very large number of online casinos around but unfortunately not all of them are quite a reputable as others and you will only find out when you want to withdraw your cash only to find out that it is not available. Here at we have done some research and checked whether certain online casinos have the required licenses and whether they are members of such bodies as e-COGRA which is the industry’s own regulatory body and only if we are happy do we list them on our online casino portal. Larger online casino providers with listings on one or more stock markets also give an element of safety and we deliberately do not list many online casinos, preferring instead to focus on a few. does not operate an online casino itself which leaves us free to choose who we list and who we don’t and we will delist an online casinos if we have any doubts about their integrity. Choosing an online casino is important and there are many individual factors which makes a person prefer one to another but probably most important is where you feel comfortable and as registering with an online casino does not cost anything we always recommend at that you shop around and register on more than one site. Another aspect of is our pages which tell you how to play certain casino games; just because you do not know a game very well is no reason not to give it a go especially as you can read an outline on our pages but also you can probably play for free. Stick with one or more of the online casinos that we have here at and you will at least be in safe environment..