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Choose European roulette at your online casino

By mr-casino on 2016-04-26 10:43:27

There are so many casino games at online casinos these days that it can be difficult to choose a favourite but it seems that often Irish casino players fall into one of three categories and those are slots players, blackjack players and roulette players. There are of course many Irish casino players who enjoy the full range of casino games available at their chosen online casino but for those new to the online casino world a good place to start is roulette. Online roulette is identical to any roulette game played in casinos all over the world but there are two versions which are American roulette and European roulette. There is also French roulette but it is only the layout that differentiates that from European roulette. American roulette can be played at online casinos but if European roulette is available it is better for the simple reason that the chances of winning are better. It is not unusual to find casinos that only offer American roulette but online casinos nearly always give you a choice. The difference between the two online casino roulette games is that whereas European roulette has only one zero in addition to the 36 numbers American roulette has two zeros. This would not be so bad if the payouts were adjusted but they are not so you still get 35:1 for a single number but your chances are reduced from one in 37 to one in 38 which can make all the difference. The good thing about online roulette games is that there is no skill involved, you simply place your bets on the table and hope for the best. Some roulette players believe that previous numbers have an influence on future numbers and will stake large amounts on red if seven or eight consecutive black numbers have come up but the truth is that the next number still has a 50/50 chance of being either colour.