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Choose right version of online casino roulette

By mr-casino on 2015-12-28 12:51:10

We are now entering the quiet few days between Christmas and the start of 2016 and what better time to focus on the simplest of all online casino games which is proving as popular as ever. We are referring of course to roulette which is available at all online casinos. There are actually two games of roulette played at online casinos, or three if you count the French version as being different from the European version which it isn’t really, and one of those is to be avoided if at all possible and that is American roulette. American roulette is almost the same as European roulette but there is one crucial difference and that is a double zero or 00 as it appears on the table and wheel. This slight addition means that your chances of winning on a single number reduce from 1 in 37 to 1 in 38 which may not seem a lot but what about all the outside bets that lose when zero comes up? This is where the online casino player can really lose out at American roulette as the double zero increases the chances of a zero coming up from 1 in 37 to 2 in 38 or in percentage terms from around 2.7% to around 5.3%. Stick to European roulette as played at online casinos and you can have a lot of fun and stand a good chance of winning. Another myth about online casino roulette is that some bets are better than others but this is not true as in fact the odds paid are directly in relation to the number of numbers backed. For example backing two numbers with one chip each one of which wins results in 35 chips being received on the winning number plus your stake chip which equals 36 chips in your hand. If you put the two chips on a split and one of the numbers wins the odds are 17 to 1 which means you receive 34 chips for the win plus the two stake chips equals 36 chips in hand which is exactly the same so just spread your roulette chips around and don’t worry about it.