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Choose the right online casino deposit method

By mr-casino on 2013-01-16 08:43:59

One of the interesting things about online casino players is that most of them prefer to keep what they do private despite online casinos being part of the modern world and gambling being almost a national pastime in Ireland but by choosing the wrong online casino deposit method you could be compromising that privacy. There are of course a multitude of casino deposit methods available today and as far as privacy is concerned some are better than others so for example using a debit card for an online casino deposit will result in your bank knowing as well as any other person who has access to your printed bank statements which may or may not be a problem. Using a credit card for an online casino deposit is probably the worst choice as the number to which the credit is made will automatically be recognised as a gambling company so in this case your credit card provider will know as well as anybody else who has access to your printed credit card invoice. It should probably be noted that all of the online casinos that we list on this site have excellent encryption and would never pass on any details to third parties so they are not the problem. A better alternative for a deposit method is using an e-wallet such as PayPal or Moneybookers which if funded by direct credit transfer from your bank is completely private. One deposit method which is only available for Irish online casino players is the ability to make a cash deposit but it is only available at Ladbrokes casino or Paddy Power casino who have betting shops across the country. The deposit method is slightly different in each case but the principle is that you can walk into one of their shops and having identified yourself you can make a cash deposit into your online casino account which is available immediately. You can also withdraw winnings using the same method.