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Choose your casino deposit method with care

By mr-casino on 2012-01-12 14:46:21

One thing that all online casinos are doing is trying to attract customers by expanding their range of casino deposit options and indeed today selecting which method to use to fund your online casino activities can be as important as selecting the online casino itself. The online casino that you choose does not really care which deposit method you care to use; as long as they can process the payment then everything is fine but for you the player at the online casino it can make a big difference which casino deposit method you choose and it depends to a very large extent on your personal circumstances and to a smaller extent on which online casino you are using. The use of a credit card for casino deposits is probably still the most universal but you should consider why you are using a credit card instead of for example a debit card; if you are using a credit card to deposit into your online casino account because you do not have the cash in your bank balance you are embarking upon a very dangerous road and one which we at would definitely not recommend as it conflicts with one of our basic philosophies which says if you don’t have the money don’t gamble. If on the other hand it is simply a question of convenience then using a debit card deposit method might be cheaper. Another regularly used online casino deposit method is the e-wallet such as PayPal or Moneybookers and this is particularly useful if you are a regular internet shopper anyway and already have such an account but even if you don’t opening an account is simplicity itself. Another casino deposit method that is not often considered is cash over the counter; of course to use this facility you need to be using an online casino that also has a high street presence which for Ireland basically means Paddy Power casino or Ladbrokes casino but being able to deposit and withdraw cash over the counter can be very useful..