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Choosing a casino deposit option is part of opening an online casino account

By mr-casino on 2017-04-29 14:08:26

Registering for an online casino is very easy and there is no reason why you should restrict yourself to only one as registering is free and some even have nice one time casino bonuses for new players but whether you go for one or more there is a very important decision to be made and that is which of the many casino deposit options you are going to use. There is no one good casino deposit method that suits everybody which is why online casinos give you such a choice and is not in a position to recommend one method over another to Irish casino players but it is helpful to understand the pros and cons of the various options. Even after you have decided and registered, if you think you got it wrong you can always change at a later date but it is far easier to get it right the first time. Not all online casinos offer all methods which can be used but every online casino is almost certain to have at least one option which suits you.

The most obvious casino deposit option is the credit card. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and one which everybody is familiar with as much of internet shopping is done this way but when it comes to online casinos this option is not quite as good. It is not the online casino that makes this deposit option less preferred but rather the credit card issuer. Somewhere in the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement, probably buried in the small print, you will find a reference specifically to gambling and if you read that section carefully you will almost certainly find that there is an extra charge for using the card for gambling which obviously includes online casinos but includes any other form of gambling as well. The amount might not seem large but it can be a couple of percent of the deposit which when compared to some of the margins on casino games such as roulette for example can be a game changer. Regular European roulette has 37 numbers and pays out 36 so the margin is only 2.7% so if you add another 2% due to using a credit card for your casino deposit it is comparatively a substantial charge. If you are prepared to suffer that additional charge for the convenience then by all means use a credit card as your chosen casino deposit option. This is however not the end of the story when it comes to using the credit card for online casinos. The cash is of course available immediately in your casino account but the transaction is treated as a cash transaction in the same way as if you had made a withdrawal from an ATM. Most people have never done this as they have a debit card for use with an ATM but if you ever do you will notice that interest is charged from the day of the transaction until the amount has been paid off which even for those good folk that pay off their credit card every month could be a few weeks which at the very high interest rates charged by credit card companies can still be a relatively high amount. Remember also that if you use a credit card for your online casino deposits any withdrawals which you make will be credited back to the same card which may or may be convenient.

Other casino deposit options include the use of a debit card which does not become subject to the unfounded charges mentioned above. Debit card casino deposits are a cash transaction anyway so there is no credit involved. If the money is not in your bank account then you cannot use the debit card which actually is good thing when it comes to online casinos as there is nothing worse than playing with money that you do not have. There should be no charges for using a debit card and any withdrawals are made back to the debit card which means into your bank account. The only possible drawback to using a debt card is that the online casino has a record of your account and that the bank will be aware of the transaction. The fact that the online casino has a record of your bank details should not really be of concern as any good online casino such as those listed at has an excellent encryption system to keep your personal data safe. If you venture beyond the list then check for yourself that security of data is sufficient. Also the fact that the bank knows that you are engaged in online casino play should not be an issue but if you are looking for a loan at the same time and are a marginal risk it may count against you.

One way to avoid this is to use one of the many so called e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill where all you need is your password to make a transfer into your online casino account. This deposit option has the clear advantages in that the bank only knows that you have made an internet transaction which could be anything and the online casino has no record of your bank account details. Once again though there could be a charge made by the e-wallet but not by the online casino. Pay Pal which is a very popular e-wallet when using sites such as Ebay is sometimes not accepted by online casinos so it is worth checking before trying to use that method.

The final casino deposit option to look at is the use of cash. This is possible but only at online casinos which are part of a larger group which has bookmakers shops on the high street such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes. With these casinos you can walk in and make a cash deposit over the counter but you may be missing out on some the best online casinos and casino games by taking this route. Individual circumstances will dictate which of these casino deposit options is the most suitable for you.