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Choosing an online casino deposit method is important

By mr-casino on 2018-03-31 09:56:18

New online casino players will be faced with a decision as soon as they decide to register and play casino games and that is which of the many casino deposit options to use to fund the account. Online casinos do provide the opportunity to change the decision at any time but it easier to spend a bit of time in the beginning to study the various options and decide which is best for the individual. Casino deposit options are pretty much the same at any online casino and there are not usually charges imposed by the online casino whichever method is chosen but there might be a difference in the speed with which refunds or winnings are paid out so it is worth checking on the banking page of your selected online casino. The most obvious of the casino deposit options is to use a credit card and it is chosen by many but mostly because that is what they use for all internet transactions. Unfortunately what many do not realise is that online casinos or any form of online gambling are not the same as any other internet transaction; at least not according to the credit card issuers they are not. In the small print of your credit card agreement (which very few read completely) there will almost certainly be a note to the effect that an additional charge will be made for gambling transactions. If that were 0.1 or 0.2% maybe that would not be too bad but when it can be anything up to 2% that can make a huge difference.

Even 2% might not seem too dramatic but it does represent more than the house edge of a number of casino games so why would you choose that method when there are perfectly acceptable alternatives that cost nothing like that. Probably the cheapest casino deposit method is to use a debit card as this has no charges at all. The use of a debit card has a secondary advantage for those who might be tempted to overextend themselves on a credit card in that if the money is not in your account you cannot spend it. There are Irish casino players who dislike using either a credit card or a debit card for fear of details being misused by the online casino but in fact any of the online casinos listed on the site have better encryption systems than most online sites. When you think about it, online casinos are a perfect target for hackers as there is cash available. This in itself means that those online casinos need to spend more effort on encryption which they do. Another sometimes quoted reason for not using a card of any sort is that the transaction appears on some form of statement which can create a problem at home for some. A bigger problem might be that the bank has a record of the transaction which could against you if you were looking a mortgage or loan and it was a marginal decision which required a deep investigation into your spending habits. For most players this is totally not a consideration but for others it might be.

There is a casino deposit option which avoids giving any information about cards and bank account details to the online casino and that is the use of one of the many e-wallets. E-wallets are simply accounts which have been created specifically to handle internet transactions. There is a wide choice these days but the original e-wallet was PayPal which was created for eBay transactions specifically. The e-wallets do make a charge which is why there are so many available today and even the charges are much of a muchness so if you already have an account and the online casino accepts that as a deposit option then use it. All online casinos have a list of acceptable e-wallets on their banking pages. You can also link your e-wallet account to your bank account so that expenses are settled automatically but the difference is that the bank only knows that you made an internet purchase and does not know that it was in fact an online casino deposit. Any of these casino deposit options make the cash available in your account more or less immediately which is another disadvantage of a credit card deposit.

Using a credit card for a casino deposit is considered a cash transaction just as it would be if you used it in an ATM. A cash transaction attracts interest charges from the day of that transaction even if you are one of the good people that pay off your bill every month in full. With credit card interest rates being very high this can again have a dramatic effect on the charges incurred in making a deposit.

A couple of other casino deposit options are direct bank transfer and Paysafe card. The paysafe card is a preloaded card which can be purchased in fixed amounts at plenty of locations in Ireland and then used free of charge to credit your online casino account. The direct bank transfer is quick and easy to set up and is free of charges but has the same disadvantages of your bank knowing about it. An often neglected casino deposit option is to use cash but this can only be done in places where there is a betting shop belonging to the online casino provider which in effect means only the big online gambling companies which is quite limiting and you might be missing out on a better and more enjoyable online casino. There is no single answer to the question of which of the many casino deposit options to use as each individual has their own circumstances to consider but there are clear differences in costs and convenience. Fortunately online casinos always have a list of acceptable methods for them under their banking page or possibly under the deposit and withdrawals pages.