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Consider casino deposits with PayPal

By mr-casino on 2013-01-02 11:40:15

When opening an online casino account for the first time you will eventually be taken to the cashier page where you can make your first deposit and many people will simply reach for their credit card or possibly a debit card but there are other methods and some are better such as a PayPal casino deposit. PayPal was established as a payment method for online transactions and since 2002 has been owned by e-bay but it can be used for any online transaction and an online casino is no exception. There are these days several other e-wallets, as they are known, but PayPal remains the most popular and many online casino players will already have a PayPal account so making an online casino deposit is very simple and is an accepted deposit method at all good online casinos. Credit cards have their place in society but making online casino deposits is not one of them as there are charges which are not made for PayPal casino deposits but perhaps the biggest advantage of making casino deposits with PayPal is that your bank details are not revealed to the online casino. We are quick to add that any of the online casinos that we list on this site are perfectly safe but the fact remains that the fewer people have any of your details the more secure you will be. If you intend to play at an online casino using credit then PayPal is no good but then we would never recommend anyone to play at an online casino with money that they cannot afford to lose which is another reason not to use a credit card. Before you open your new online casino account take a couple of minutes to consider which method is best for you to make your first deposit and if you have a PayPal account then consider using it for your casino deposit.