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Craps is often overlooked by online casino players

By mr-casino on 2014-08-01 16:44:34

An often overlooked online casino game is craps with the reason probably being that most Irish online casino players do not know how to play the game but then the advantage of online casinos is that you can play free casino and learn how to play some of these less well known games. Online casino craps can be as difficult or as easy as you care to make it as there are some bets which are placed at the beginning of the throw which last until they are won or lost but there are also other bets which can be placed during the throw under certain circumstances. What makes casino craps interesting and often exciting is the fact that a single throw of the dice will not necessarily provide a result which means that the dice must be thrown again and again until a result is reached; in fact there are only 5 results from the possible 11 combinations that will produce immediate winners and losers. The two most popular bets when playing online craps are the “pass Line” bet and the corresponding “don’t pass line” bet and both of these craps bets are valid for the whole throw. The pass line bet will win straight away if a seven or an eleven are thrown and loses straight away if a two or a three are thrown. The don’t pass line bet is nearly the exact opposite except that when a 12 is thrown the pass line bet loses but the don’t pass line bet is returned. In all other circumstances the total which is thrown is called the point and the winners and losers are determined by whether that point total or a seven total comes up first. Throws must continue in online craps until one or the other occurs. For further information please take a look at where there is a more detailed explanation page.