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Credit card casino deposits are not a good idea

By mr-casino on 2012-12-13 09:13:30

There are all sorts of ways of making a deposit into your online casino account and one method is to use a credit card but although this is often the most convenient deposit method it is not often the best. Depositing into casinos with credit cards is very convenient and it is also perfectly secure in the online casinos that we recommend here on this site but what you may not be aware of is the charges that will subsequently come your way; not from the online casino but from your credit card provider. The money from a credit card casino deposit is of course available immediately in your online casino account and it is this fact makes it effectively a cash transaction in the same way as using a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM which most people would avoid. The cash in your credit card casino deposit is therefore having interest charged on it from the day you made the deposit and even if you pay off your credit card every month by the time you receive the bill the interest will have already been charged. That is not the end of the story however as all credit card casino deposits are classified as gambling and in the small print of your credit card agreement you will probably find that a charge is made for all gambling transactions which out of interest also includes such things as the football pools and can be around 2% which makes a big difference in an online casino. Credit cards and online casinos then are not a good mix and while there are good alternatives for making online casino deposits such as debit cards or e-wallets such as PayPal you should try to avoid credit card casino deposits.