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Do not gamble at a back street online casino

By mr-casino on 2011-06-28 08:50:16

Online gambling and in particular online casinos continue to play an ever increasing part in the Irish gambling community and it seems that every time a bookmaker publishes results the online business increases. To some extent we should not be surprised as it is the convenience of being able to play the casino or back a horse 24 hours a day without leaving home but what is surprising is the number of online casinos which have sprouted up in recent years; some estimates put the number at more than 300 and it is here that can help. Many of these online casinos have been set up with very little investment and very little financial backing and they can be likened to some of the back street garages where you wouldn’t buy a car so neither should you gamble at them if you cannot be sure of the fairness of the games. At we have done the homework and we have a number of parameters for fairness, security of data, licenses and independent auditing which we believe an online casino should fulfil and for this reason we only list 6 online casinos on our site at which we consider represent enough choice of games whist playing in a safe and secure environment. A couple of those names will be very familiar to the Irish online casino player but others may not be but rest assured that all 6 are very honest licensed online casinos with an excellent reputation throughout the world and most are either stock exchange listed in their own right or are part of a listed group. does not operate any kind of a casino and is therefore able to operate from an unbiased position to help our Irish readers make their choice of online casino and enjoy the experience..