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Do not use a credit card for online casino deposits

By mr-casino on 2015-03-07 15:21:11

Whenever new online casino players start at an online casino there are a number of things to consider and one of those is which of the many casino deposit options to use. Online casinos offer more and more different methods for a casino deposit and whilst there is not much difference in those methods for the online casino there can be quite a difference for the online casino player. All casino deposits using a debit card or a credit card or any of the e-wallets which are out there puts the money into your online casino account immediately so that you can get on with your favourite casino games however  it is when the bill comes in that you notice the difference. For example it is possibly a little known fact that using a credit card for any kind of gambling and that of course includes online casinos incurs a charge from the credit card issuer. This is written in the small print but people rarely read the small print and the charge in question can easily be up to 2% which may not seem that much but when you consider what the margin is on some of the casino games it becomes substantial. The upshot of this is do not use a credit card as an online casino deposit option unless of course you have no choice. Debit card casino deposits are much better as are any of the e-wallets but to use this deposit option you need to have money in your bank account which would recommend anyway. For Irish casino players there is another deposit method for Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino and that is to use cash. It may sound strange to use cash as an online casino deposit but in fact once your account has been opened at one of these online casinos you can pop into any of their shops and make a cash deposit over the counter which is available immediately.