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Doubling up is a dangerous strategy.

By mr-casino on 2010-11-16 15:46:09

You will no doubt of heard people saying that there is an infallible way to win when playing roulette and that is simply to play red/black or odd/even or 1 to 18/19 to 36 and double up when you lose but at we would like to point out the pitfalls of this very dangerous strategy. It all sounds fine in theory but for it to be guaranteed, you need an endless source of cash and there has to be no limit on the table, neither of which is the case. The philosophy of the strategy is simple enough; it involves playing one of the even money bets and if you lose, you re-bet with a bet size double the previous bet. In other words if you place a €5 bet and lose, your next bet is €10 which if you win gives you a profit of €5, if you don’t win that bet either your next bet is €20 which if it wins again gives you a profit of €5. If it doesn’t, you continue to double up until you eventually do win. It sounds simple but here is the catch:- all online casinos have a maximum that can be staked on any given bet and it is generally a multiple of the minimum stake; this applies to all bets whether they are inside or outside bets. It is not unusual for the maximum stake on outside bets to be 250 times the minimum stake but it could also be 500 times but rarely is it above 1000 times. If in the above example you are at a table with a 1 minimum and 250 maximum and you start with a €5 bet, after 6 losses you are in trouble. You have bet €5, €10, €20, €40, €80 and €160 following your strategy which is in total €315 and your next bet should be €320 but it cannot be because the table maximum is €250 so even if you play the maximum and win you are €65 out of pocket. Even if the table maximum is €500 you still have only one more loss before you are in trouble. Taking it to the extreme of starting your betting at the minimum €1 and finding a table that has a limit of 1000 times you are still in trouble after 10 losses. Our tip is not to play this strategy or if you must make sure you know what the table limits are before you play and online casinos often only publish the minimum stake not the maximum..