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Efforts to legalise casino gambling in Japan

By mr-casino on 2015-05-16 14:09:28

Japan is where the general casino news is this week and it is where pro casino lobbyists are trying to get legislation through Parliament to make casino gambling legal. There are very few countries in the civilised world these days where casinos are not allowed and we are not talking online casinos here but regular brick and mortar casinos but Japan is one of them. Initially an effort was made to make casinos legal and get them built before the 2020 Olympic games but delays have been caused by the anti casino lobby who think that addiction and organised crime could become an issue. On the other side is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who thinks that the income generated from casinos is a key factor in the country’s economic growth. Strangely enough online casinos have been operating in Japan for quite a while so why land based casinos should present such a problem is a mystery. Regardless, a bill has been presented to Parliament but it is not known when it might be discussed or voted upon but it is hoped that will happen within this parliament which ends in July or August. Even then it will be difficult to get construction work finished in time for the Olympics. Both MGM Resorts and Las Vegas sands are believed to be standing by. In online casino news it is reported that Bwin/Party is a new convert to the casino software provided by NetEnt as a selection of their casino games is now available at the online casino. has long advocated NetEnt casino software which is why online casino sites such as All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino are on the recommended list but don’t take their word for it, go and take a look and you will quickly see the difference.