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European online casino laws still in the news

By mr-casino on 2013-01-06 10:39:52

Here we are in a new year and hopes are high that we may eventually see a resolution the long running saga in the general casino news about the legality of online casinos and online gambling in general and we are talking about Europe here not America. We have reported several times in our general casino news section about countries such as Netherlands not allowing online casinos which according to the online casino industry is in breach of European law but it will not have escaped the notice of anybody visiting  the country that casinos are available in the Netherlands (in fact you need go no further than Schiphol airport to try your luck) but they are all state owned and if online casinos were allowed they would almost certainly have decreased income. Germany has been in the general casino news a few times as well with even more confusion having federal laws that prevent online casinos but individual states issuing licenses, the latest in the general casino news being the state of Schleswig Holstein and the beneficiaries being the likes of Ladbrokes casino and 888 casino. We are fortunate here in Ireland that online casinos are perfectly legal and have been for many years and apart from management at Paddy Power casino there are probably not too many Irish casino players who care what happens in the rest of Europe but here at we do not believe that this will be the last article of the year in the general casino news about online casinos legality in Europe. What we do hope to be reporting in the general casino news in 2013 is more of the huge jackpots being won by Irish casino players such as the nearly €6 million won on the online casino Mega Moolah jackpot last year but you have to be in it to win it as they say.