Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Every online casino has a huge range of casino slots

By mr-casino on 2016-06-25 15:01:27

The largest section in any online casino is the slots section where many have a choice of in excess of 100 casino slots. There are various sorts of casino slots but the two major categories are three reel slots and five reel slots and the variation from there depends on how many symbols are showing on the screen and also whether symbols are in blocks or individual. Of course there is a huge variation in what is on the symbols and the corresponding theme music which goes along with it especially now that comic book heroes are appearing. Your choice of a casino slot at any of the online casinos will depend upon a number of factors such as whether you enjoy simple slots or whether you prefer multiple winning line slots or indeed whether you are chasing the really big money available at the progressive jackpot slots. For those Irish casino players that prefer to be able to follow what is going on, possibly the most simple are the three or five reel slots using fruit symbols which everybody is familiar with such as lemons, cherries and melons. An example of this can be found at No Bonus Casino and the slot is called Allways Fruits. This is a 5 reel slot with three symbols showing and instead of placing a bet per winning line you place a bet per spin. As the name of the casino slot suggests you win all ways (not always!) which means that matching symbols appearing anywhere on each reel reading from left to right will result in a win and of course you can gamble your winnings to try and earn more of you so wish. Another very simple five reel slot is called Wild Stars and can be found at Freespins casino. Again this uses fruit symbols bit includes wilds which are stars and they stick round after a win giving the chance to earn more. Both of these casino slots are brought to the online casinos by casino software specialist Amatic Industries. For something a little bit more complicated you need to be in the video slots section of the online casino and that is where you will find a greater choice of casino slots such as a favourites of known as Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer 2™. These are 25 winning line slots where the best feature is what is known as “sticky wins”. This feature is automatic and what happens is that when a win is triggered whether with wilds or not all those symbols are held and the remaining symbols are spun again. If this results in a greater win then the process repeats itself again and again until the win is not bettered whereupon it is paid out. It is amazing how quickly the wins increase with this feature. Even larger wins can be achieved by activating the free spins rounds by getting three or more free spins symbols anywhere on the reels. This not only gives a number of free spins but also a win multiplier and the sticky wins are still valid. You can even win more free spins during the free spins rounds. If classic pop music is your love there are also casino slots that feature the sound tracks of either Jimi Hendrix or Guns n Roses.

The jackpot slots can be found at a number of online casinos and you will notice that they often have identical names such as Hall Of Gods™ or Mega Fortune™ and the reason for this is that the casino software company has supplied the same slot to different online casinos. This is not a bad thing as it means that many different online casinos are contributing to the jackpot thus increasing the prize pool much more rapidly than would otherwise be possible. In this way jackpots running into the millions of Euro are quite frequent. The prize pool for online casinos jackpot slots is controlled by the casino software company which means that your online casino will be absolutely delighted if you take down one of these huge jackpots as it costs the casino nothing extra but they get all the publicity. Every online casino player has their own favourite casino slot either because they have won some money playing it or simply because they like the layout and those players often come back to that slot time and time again  but they are missing out on some great entertainment. One of strangest casino slots that has come across recently is Birds on a Wire which can be found at This slot has 15 birds as symbols sitting 5 abreast on three different wires which in essence is the same as a five reel slot with three symbols showing. However, the wires are power lines so when three or more of the same birds form a winning combination those birds are electrocuted resulting in them falling off the wire in a rather blackened state. The birds from the wire above then drop down to take the place of the burnt ones and fresh birds are flown in to fill those spaces. At the same time the win multiplier moves to two so if the fresh birds result in another winning combination that win is doubled. This process continues until no further wins are achieved and the maximum multiplier is five. Watch out for the big fat one as that one is wild. Slots obviously do not need to be looking like slots anymore as with modern software symbols can appear from anywhere which makes life a lot more entertaining. There are possibly thousands of different casino slots and to describe them all would take a long time but the lesson is to take a look around your favourite online casino or one of those mentioned here and see what you can find; there are some different casino slots out there.