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Every online casino has several variations of blackjack

By mr-casino on 2014-09-24 09:02:23

Blackjack used to be a simple game but at online casinos these days they have introduced very many variables which may or may not be worthwhile playing depending on your level of risk taking but at least be aware of the change in rules. In regular or standard online casino blackjack only one of the cards of the dealer is exposed and you can double your stakes on any cards but of course you only draw one card when you do that but there is another blackjack game that you may come across called double exposure where both cards of the dealer are visible so at least you known what you are up against. However at online casinos that feature this game you will find that in the event of a tie you lose whereas in traditional blackjack it is of course a push. Also you can only double down in this form of blackjack on a 9, 10 or 11 which is preventing you from trying to take too much advantage from the fact that dealer might have 16 or 17 showing. Single deck blackjack is also at most online casinos which can help you assess what is already out there. Another version of blackjack that online casinos sometimes feature is called perfect blackjack whereby a colour matching blackjack pays out at 12 to 1 and a suited blackjack pays out at 25 to 1. In this game you can double even after a split but a double still only receives one card. Other blackjack casino games include blackjack surrender which at online casinos enables you to surrender your hand without playing it and get half your stake returned and of course there is the insurance option which is where if the dealer is showing an ace you can place an insurance bet that they will not draw a blackjack. That bet is half your original stake and it pays at 2 to 1 if the dealer gets a blackjack which covers you loss in your original hand. There are of course only 16 cards in a deck that will give the dealer blackjack so whether that is a sensible bet or not is up to you. Online casinos have all kinds of varieties of blackjack but they never give something for nothing so check the rules carefully to avoid disappointment.