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Every online casino offers a number of blackjack variations

By mr-casino on 2012-10-10 14:01:57

The game of online blackjack used to be simple but these days there are so many different blackjack games that it can be difficult to decide which one to play but many of the options are merely associated with the stakes you want to play, the number of decks used and an assortment of possible side bets. Take for example Ladbrokes online casino which has several different blackjack games; the basic blackjack game has a stake range from €1 to €100 but there is a high limit option which has stakes from €100 to €5000 per hand then there is what is called Classic blackjack which is a single deck game as preferred by some online casino players and has a stake range from €2 to €1000. An interesting variation found at some online casinos including Ladbrokes casino is double exposure whereby both of the dealers cards are face up which gives the online blackjack player a distinct advantage but as you might expect there is a downside in that a blackjack will only pay at 1:1. Other blackjack games found at online casinos include side bet games such as Hi Lo 13 Blackjack found at Ladbrokes casino where the side bet is whether your first two cards will be lower, higher or equal to 13 or if you fancy something more adventurous there is Perfect Pairs blackjack where your side bet is on whether your first two cards are a pair. As the game uses multiple decks there are three winning variations which are a mixed pair (different colours) which pays at odds of 7:1; a coloured pair (two same value cards of the same colour) which pays at odds of 15:1 and the perfect pair which is obviously two identical cards which pays at odds of 30:1. Any online casino has a variety of blackjack games so give them a try.