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Fewer Chinese casino players in Macau

By mr-casino on 2015-06-05 14:46:53

It does not really rate as Irish casino news but as the head of Wynns casino in Macau is Irish it might be interesting. The casino business in Macau which is still the largest in the world and far larger than Las Vegas has been in a downturn for a while now and as reported in the Irish casino news this was largely due a crackdown on wealthy casino players from China. Macau is ultimately governed by China and the government for some strange reason wanted to know where the money was coming from and as online casinos are not legal in China the wealthy Chinese have gone elsewhere even as far as Australia to play at the casinos.  Despite this, shares in the gambling companies have been making good gains in recent weeks. There is a massive building programme on the go building even more casinos but where the customers are coming from is anybody’s guess. Some of those casino players are known to be going to South Korea where there are foreigner only casinos which are trying to attract shoppers to large cities like Seoul to spend some money in the casino as well. Staying in the Far East it is reported in the casino news that members of the Japanese parliament have visited the US to discuss developments of legalising gambling and casinos in Japan and it is likely to be large American companies that run those casinos if it becomes legal. Closer to home it has been reported that TV3 is working on an online casino offering which idea probably comes from the UK where at least a couple of TV stations have live casino play. For Irish casino players these countries might seem a little bit far away for a night out so stick with your chosen online casino and enjoy it.