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By mr-casino on 2015-06-27 12:13:23

The Irish casino portal has introduced a number of new online casinos to the Irish casino playing public over the years and the most recent of them are No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino both of which offer an alternative to the one off casino bonus offered to new players at other online casinos. What makes these online casinos more attractive in the eyes of is that the cash back or free spins at casino slots that they offer are not just one offs for new players but are applicable to all deposits by all players all the time. You can read more about these online casinos on the site but basically no bonus casino pays cash back if you are unfortunate enough to lose all your casino deposit and freespins casino allocates a number of free spins on a range of casino slots according to the size of your deposit. is a specialist at finding these new online casinos as well of course as recommending other online casinos that have been around for a long time with the objective of providing a shortlist from which to choose. Many online casinos are similar to each other offering the same casino games in the same format and the reason for this is that every online casino must have software to run the site and there are far more online casinos than software suppliers meaning that duplication is unavoidable. Taking the example of the two online casinos already mentioned they both use the well known and respected NetEnt casino software so although the casinos are different in the sort of casino bonus which they offer, the casino games are identical. does not operate any form of online casino so the advice given is a straightforward opinion based on personal experience which you may wish to follow.